X-rayed or microwaved?

Would you rather be X-rayed or micro-waved? Uh, how about neither! The TSA now tells you that the newest machines are not X-ray anymore, so they are safe. But I haven’t had an agent yet tell me how these new terahertz “microwave” (ovens IMO) machines can fire off electromagnetic radiation at your body and not harm you in any way. These waves go through your clothes and project a naked, 3-D image of you or your child to some agent behind a computer screen. While the X-ray backscatter machine uses two radiation sources for the front and the back, the new millimeter wave scanner has two big stacks full of disc-shaped electromagnetic transmitters in the “radome” that pivot 180 degrees. BTW, there have been no human studies on the effects of terahertz bombardment and how they are known to unzip DNA. How many times have the experts told us something was safe to later find out it was dangerous after all?

The option for an old-fashioned pat-down is still there.

The option for an old-fashioned pat-down is still there.

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Craig Stellpflug is a NeuroDevelopment Consultant and a Certified Nutritional Consultant. Craig is a cancer nutritionist and child brain disorder specialist at Healing Pathways Medical Clinic in Scottsdale Arizona.
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