Unsafe levels of sugar

Scientists studied what happened to mice on a human equivalent of sugar in a healthy diet plus the equivalent of three cans of soda pop daily. Well… females died at double the normal rates. Males were less likely to defend their homes and reproduce. Other sugar studies have used disproportionate amounts of sugar, but this study attempted to reproduce the effects of sugar intake on a human-relevant level. Even though these mice didn’t become obese or show many signs of metabolic symptoms, this study shows that levels of sugar considered safe by regulatory agencies damage the health.

There's more than one way to kill a rat. Don't be a rat...

There’s more than one way to kill a rat. Don’t be a rat…

About Craig Stellpflug NDC

Craig Stellpflug is a NeuroDevelopment Consultant and a Certified Nutritional Consultant. Craig is a cancer nutritionist and child brain disorder specialist at Healing Pathways Medical Clinic in Scottsdale Arizona.
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