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GMO fed rat study under fire

You remember that shocking Séralini study out of the University of Caen last year? You know, the one where rats fed Monsanto‘s NK603 corn or exposed to Roundup herbicide in drinking water died earlier and had higher rates of tumors … Continue reading

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Superweeds coming to a farm near you!

At every garden center, everywhere you look, you see Roundup weed killer crowding all the shelves; all the while boasting to rid you of all weeds big or small. Roundup is a trademark product of Monsanto – you know, the … Continue reading

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Why the vitamin D shortage?

Vitamin D is critical for immune system function. Studies show a link between low vitamin D levels and the risk of coming down with influenza. Vitamin D works within the immune system to reduce levels of inflammatory proteins as well … Continue reading

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Another reason to go organic:

A Roundup moment… A very recent German study of the urine of white collar city workers found glyphosphate (Roundup) in ALL urine samples – up to 20 times the limit. The lowest number was 5 times the allowable limit. And … Continue reading

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