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Juan Gabriel dies from a heart attack

There is some very sad news today with the passing away of the music legend Juan Gabriel.  The 66 year old singer  succumbed to a massive heart attack. I don’t know whether or not this was brought on by low … Continue reading

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Benedryl delirium

Benadryl is basically diphenhydramine. An old Yale study back in 2002 found that seniors taking diphenhydramine had a 70% higher risk of delirium. That’s psychosis with delusions and memory loss. How many people use Benadryl to knock-out their children? How … Continue reading

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Potty talk

Here’s a clue, now find the cause and fix it peeps! Researchers watched the bathroom habits of nearly 16,000 people and found that those under 65 who made two or more toilet trips each night had twice the risk of … Continue reading

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