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About that cookware

The big deal: Cookware is a MAJOR source of toxic heavy metals! ¬†You would think that stainless steel would be the best cookware but stainless steel is actually porous and allows base metals to leach through into the food. Titanium … Continue reading

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Preeclampsia and vitamin D

Vitamin D deficient women are at a higher risk of developing severe preeclampsia during the first 26 weeks of pregnancy gestation. Preeclampsia is potentially life-threatening disorder that happens with an increase in blood pressure along with elevated protein in the … Continue reading

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Smogged into high blood pressure during pregnancy

Researchers looked for an association between preeclampsia and exposure to traffic-related air pollution. They collected air pollution, weather and traffic volume data from routine local monitoring stations throughout the region and added estimated average nitrogen dioxide levels at some 23,000 … Continue reading

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