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Why all the peanut allergies?

So, more and more you find peanut allergies in the news and the latest study finds a huge connection between peanuts and childhood asthma. In fact, scientists have recently declared that peanut sensitivity reactions mimic asthma attacks including shortness of … Continue reading

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My very bad flu prevention plan

So, here’s my plan: I am going to mix up a tiny bit of mercury, some formaldehyde, aluminum, antifreeze, and some virus particles from the snot of a flu victim cultured in aborted baby fetal and dead animal tissue. Then … Continue reading

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How to prevent peanut allergies in the first place

Want to raise a child that is not allergic to nuts? Two things you need to do. The first thing to do is eat lots of peanuts and other nuts while you are pregnant. This is just the opposite of … Continue reading

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