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Natural cancer killer!

Did you know that Argentina dispenses natural Pau d’Arco to patients with leukemia and cancer? Brazil sells Pau d’Arco for cancer treatment in herb stores as well as regular pharmacies. This is because Pau d’Arco is used in South America … Continue reading

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Inflammation’s good side

Inflammation lies at the root of cancer and most chronic diseases. A little inflammation is a disease-fighting tool that naturally helps facilitate restoration and regeneration of tissues. A little inflammation helps our bodies fight fungus, bacteria, parasites and other infectious … Continue reading

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Why pork can be bad for you

Pork is one of the most consumed meats in the world and China is the largest producer of pork. Pigs were actually first domesticated in China around 7500 B.C. The CDC says that more than 100 viruses come to the … Continue reading

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A cure for the common parasite

About one in six people worldwide are infected by parasitic worms. To debug your family, try tincture of black walnut with 8 drops 2X a day for 24 days. But this can be very expensive for a family. That is … Continue reading

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Discussing the disgusting worm

We worm our pets, but do we worm our kids? Did you know that parasites outrank cancer as the #1 global killer? Poor diet and lifestyle choices lead to parasites which prey on weak, dying and dead tissues. Symptoms are … Continue reading

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