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The cinnamon cure-all

Cinnamon is one of my favorite aromatic spices. Tastes good; smells good; is great for your health! Not only does cinnamon taken with a meal help fire up digestion and regulate blood sugar but recent research out of the University … Continue reading

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Delaying breakfast prevents cancer?

Fasting for both diabetes and cancer prevention! I have always recommended fasting for cancer treatment but haven’t made it a point for fasting for cancer prevention. How about simply fasting an extra three hours a day to help prevent cancer? … Continue reading

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One amazing natural diabetes and weight loss herb

Have you ever heard of gymnema sylvestre? Well, you have now! Gymnema sylvestre is highly regarded as a plant with potent anti-diabetic properties. Gymnema sylvestre is also very effective at controlling obesity in the form of Gymnema tea. Studies attribute … Continue reading

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