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Hippy-dippy toothbrushing

Want healthier teeth and gums? Then you must ditch the regular toothpastes and switch to tooth powder. Regular toothpaste has glycerin which works against your teeth to plug up the living dentinal tubules which allow the teeth to re-mineralize and … Continue reading

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Chewable Vitamin C can damage teeth

Chewing on Vitamin C tablets can make your mouth acidic enough to dissolve tooth enamel. If you take chewable Vitamin C tablets, you will want to brush your teeth afterwards.

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Healthy teeth – healthy body

The general health of your teeth is actually an indication of your overall nutritional health status. Dental problems are often the first indicator of malnourishment. Not the kind of third-world starvation malnutrition, but a Western world real-life nutritional deficiency. For … Continue reading

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