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THC during pregnancy is not good for the fetus

Smoking Mary Jane during pregnancy affects the brain development of the unborn baby. The latest study clearly finds that even consuming Cannabis during pregnancy results in the defective development of nerve cells in the fetus cerebral cortex of the brain … Continue reading

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MSG hell

Feeding the food flavor enhancer Monosodium Glutamate (MSG) has shown to result in obesity, stunted heart growth and hypoplasticity in rodents. It is now evident that maternal administration of MSG can penetrate the placental barrier and distribute to the embryonic … Continue reading

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Ritalin for mice?

Yale researchers exposed pregnant mice to cell phones and found subsequent born mice had distinct behavior changes that closely resembled ADHD in humans. The baby mice that were exposed to the cell phone radiation had memory problems and were more … Continue reading

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KISS plan for prenatal ultrasounds

Studies show the neurological effects linked to prenatal ultrasound. The most marked effects were speech delays and the increased incidence in left-handedness – which is a sign of neuro-disorganization when left-handedness is not a genetic predisposition. Pasko Rakic, of Yale’s … Continue reading

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