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E-cigs cause MRSA

As bad as we all would love E-cigarettes to be a healthy alternative to cigarette smoking, the more we find out, the worse it looks. Now, a recent laboratory study finds that vaping increases the virulence of drug-resistant, life-threatening bacteria, … Continue reading

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Bad bacteria made badder

Why don’t antibiotics work? Maybe it is because bacteria are smarter than the antibiotics – and the person who takes them. At the first sign of a major invasion by antibiotics, some pathogenic bacteria go dormant. They shut down, go … Continue reading

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New FDA antibiotic use policy has no teeth

So, the FDA (Foot Dragging and Alibis) has a new policy out to curb the over-use of antibiotics. The problem is that it is 100% voluntary and will only slightly alter the labels of veterinary antibiotics. Yah, that’ll teach them … Continue reading

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