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Natural foodborne bacteria prevention

Even the most serious foodborne illnesses caused by pathogenic bacteria are defeated by the common cooking spice – cinnamon. Even better yet, cinnamomum cassia oil works effectively as a natural antibacterial agent directly in food to help improve food safety … Continue reading

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Cinnamon for Parkinson’s Disease

Taking cinnamon supplements can actually reverse the brain changes that happen with Parkinson’s Disease. A recent study published in the Journal of Neuroimmune Pharmacology goes so far as to say that cinnamon is one of the safest approaches to halt … Continue reading

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How about a drug patent on cinnamon?

Medical science is going full-circle back to plants for medicine – except they are now calling herbs, drugs. This is, of course, so they can make them prescription and keep the good-old-boy Big Pharma network funded. A group of university … Continue reading

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Is cinnamon in your medicine cabinet?

Cinnamon: Not just a spice! Cinnamaldehyde has been well researched for its effects on blood platelets which help the blood clot to stop bleeding. Platelets can also cause strokes if they clump together too much. The cinnamaldehyde in cinnamon has … Continue reading

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