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Cancer common denominators

Two common denominators found in all cancer cells are aluminum deposits and iron deposits. Cause cancer? Of course they do. Read more to find out how: http://realhealthtalk.com/Cancer_Causes_aluminum_and_iron.html

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How to kill positive emotions

Acetaminophen is now used in more than 600 different medicines. Every single week some 52 million people in the US take it. But did you know that acetaminophen is the single largest cause of acute liver failure in the country? … Continue reading

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The ultimate cost of antibiotic overuse

Antibiotic overuse is costing us our health. Read this Real Health Talk article to find some of the many costly consequences of antibiotic overuse: http://realhealthtalk.com/Antibiotics_and_Immune_System_Compromise.html  

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A grossly misguided trust:

A very recent study published in the journal Stem Cells found that radiation therapy for cancer treatment reprogrammed breast cancer cells into “induced breast cancer stem cells”. If that wasn’t enough, even if the radiation kills half of the tumor … Continue reading

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