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Enzyme destroys cancer

Raw pineapple is full of the enzyme bromelain which is a natural food that can prevent cancer, fight cancer and even minimize the horrible effects of radiation therapy that damages healthy cells. But bromelain destroys cancer – not your body! … Continue reading

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About that war on cancer…

President Nixon declared war on cancer in 1971 by enacting the National Cancer Act and the National Cancer Program. It took three short years to accrue some 1.6 billion $ in federal funds. Four decades later ‘we the people’ have … Continue reading

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In cachexia, use coffee enemas to help control cancer weight loss

(NaturalNews) A new study out of Heidelberg University shows that the liver is the organ that controls severe weight loss and muscle wasting (called cachexia), due to cancer. “Doctors used to believe that cancer re-programs metabolism focusing all energy into … Continue reading

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Cancer cachexia

Cachexia is a cancer process through which tumor cells steal nutrition from the body. Cancerous cells need more energy than healthy cells so they syphon off the nutrition that healthy cells would normally get. With cachexia becomes severe, body wasting … Continue reading

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