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C-sections from hell

ADHD, Autism, mental issues? Did you know that about 75% of American kids with any of these problems were yanked out of the womb with a C-section? Furthermore, C-section babies have an increased risk for developing allergies, asthma, and diabetes. … Continue reading

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Damaging the baby’s digestion with C-sections

Here is an interesting C-section fact: Fecal samples from infants are different between vaginal births and C-section births. The baby’s gut microbiome changes according to the way they are delivered and the C-section baby’s gut bacteria is significantly less similar … Continue reading

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Fear mongering for C-section profits

Cesarean delivery rates rose 53% between 1996 and 2010, topping in at a whopping 32.8%. Most sheople believe that this rising C-section rate is from labor and delivery complications that make this surgery necessary. What people don’t realize is that … Continue reading

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