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Harder but not stronger bones

If we just assume that we need to be concerned about bone health and treat our bones naturally, there would be no need for bone scans. It is our diet and lifestyle that has weakened the core structure of our … Continue reading

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Alcohol and bone density

Dizzy-making trivia: Alcoholism can be a double-whammy for hip fractures and bone breaks. Not only does excessive drinking increase falls, but it also decreases bone density.

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Strong bones do not come from milk!

Could the American Dairy Association (ADA) be wrong? Would they admit it if they were? – Prolly not… A new Harvard study found a definitive association between teenage milk consumption and later hip fracture risks. This was a study of … Continue reading

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Too hip to fracture

Vitamin K modulates the activities of osteoblasts for bone health. But not many people know that vitamin K also possesses some mighty impressive anti-cancer properties. Vitamin K1 is found in plant foods like green, leafy vegetables and some other foods … Continue reading

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