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Survive one cancer to fight another

Breast cancer survivors that go the conventional medicine route have more than a 50 times risk of now facing thyroid cancer. First the doctors slice and dice your lady parts then make you glow like a radium watch dial at … Continue reading

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A plethora of woes

What could cause hypothyroidism, memory loss, fibromyalgia, painful feet/hands, irritability, muscle weakness, episodes of confusion/disorientation, food intolerances, frequent infections or skin rashes? How about mercury poisoning as a number one suspect? Where does said mercury come from? How about dental … Continue reading

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Dandelion roots for health

Tea made from the dandelion’s root and leaves has centuries of background in traditional Chinese medicine. Even Dr. Oz has climbed on, recommending dandelion tea as part of a 48-hour cleanse to detoxify the liver while you sleep. There are … Continue reading

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