Salve recipe for deep tissue healing

Natural salve recipe:

All natural healing salve

All natural healing salve

Arthritis, aching joints, broken bones, injured ligaments, torn muscles? Here is a wonderful home recipe for salve using herbs and oil that will deliver nutrients and healing agents into deep body tissue within minutes!

Warm ½ cup of coconut oil in jar in a double boiler until it is liquid (don’t boil the oil). Mix 2 tbs of DMSO into the oil along with either 5,000 mg of the herb arnica or 20 drops of the tincture of arnica. Put a lid on the jar and shake well. Shake the jar every few minutes until the coconut oil gels again. Use this for a medicinal salve. The coconut oil is comprised of medium chain fatty acids and other nutrients that help deep tissues. Arnica is an ancient Chinese herb that helps heal tendons, ligaments and bones. DMSO is an amazing natural transporter that will help carry the nutrients through the skin and deep into the tissues.

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