Relatively ineffective flu vaccine

Relative flu numbers or real flu numbers? The CDC is claiming about a 60% relative effectiveness rate for the flu shot this year. Sounds like a fair number, but what if the real number was a lousy 1.5%? How many people would vaccinate then? Here’s the scoop on the 60%. Only about 2.7 out of 100 adults on average will get the flu in any given year. If you vaccinate 100 people, the rate of adults contracting the flu drops by 60%. So, instead of 2.7 out of 100 adults getting the flu, only 1.2 of the 100 adults gets the flu. This means that you vaccinate 100 people and a negligible 1.5 people are spared the flu – according to a recent meta-analysis in the Lancet. BUT, 30% of the 100 people vaccinated have an adverse reaction to the vaccine and 6% of those have life-changing, severe reactions – according to the CDC website.

You have a bigger chance of getting injured by the flu vaccine than the flu itself...

You have a bigger chance of getting injured by the flu vaccine than from the flu itself…

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