Emotional eating

Are you having trouble eating just for hunger satiation? The deck is stacked against you. Read more here to find out about emotional eating and what can be done to control it:


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Chamomile to the rescue

Relax! It’s just chamomile. Older women who drink chamomile tea have a decreased risk of death from all causes according to a recent study. And it doesn’t just work for women because chamomile is a well-documented medicinal plant that works for a variety of healing applications. Other studies show that chamomile has potential benefits in treating hyperglycemia, upset stomach, diabetic complications and even anxiety disorders. Chamomile is also known as a cholesterol-lowering, antioxidant, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and anti-platelet panacea herb. Besides all this, chamomile is just a wonderfully relaxing tea. A spot of hot tea with a touch of honey can help a tireless child go to sleep at night or calm the anxious one before a big meeting. A warm chamomile enema will instantly resolve severe constipation and a warm compress with chamomile can alleviate severe acne. Then there is the essential oil of chamomile that works miracles when massaged into a fretting sciatic nerve or cramping muscle. This is one herb that you will want for your everyday wellness.

Chamomile for what ails ya

Chamomile for what ails ya

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Cancer common denominators

Two common denominators found in all cancer cells are aluminum deposits and iron deposits. Cause cancer? Of course they do. Read more to find out how:


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Antibiotics: A miracle drug turned sour

Give antibiotics to an infant and sentence them to allergies, autoimmune disorders, obesity and an elevated risk for infectious diseases later in life. At least that’s what the latest study out of the University of Minnesota says. Researchers reaffirmed what many other studies already say: early antibiotics just totally mess up the gut, metabolism and the immune system. This is called ‘dysbiosis’ – where profound negative and lasting changes occur in the gut microbiome. In fact, just one lousy dose of antibiotics permanently changes the gut bacteria where digestion occurs, neurochemicals are manufactured and the majority of the immune system is built and regulated. Antibiotics annihilate key gut bacteria that regulate immune system responses to keep allergens at bay – gut bacteria cells that regulate metabolism are snuffed out, slowing metabolism and increasing levels of health-wrecking short-chain fatty acids – and neurochemicals that support salubrious mental health cannot be properly assembled. Heck, the use of antibiotics is even directly tied to developmental delays. Antibiotics should always be a last resort – not a palliative token to cover up a failed diagnosis.

They take what you give them parents...

They take what you give them parents…

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Autism still rising!

With all the king’s horses and all the king’s best medical staff – autism is not going away…


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GMO labeling subterfuge

Anti-GMO people might laud the possibility of the passing of The Safe and Accurate Food Labeling Act of 2015 – but, if they really knew the dirty little secrets behind the whole package they would sing a much different tune. Did you know that this proposed law is actually being backed and driven by Monsanto, Koch Industries and Dupont (among others)? In fact, their banner-child organization is named “The Coalition for Safe Affordable Food”. This little ole coalition has since written a letter to Congress saying that GMO labels would be misleading because GMOs are safe and the net-effect of labeling would mean “higher food prices for hard working American families.” One huge problem is that this bill actually contains a “prohibition against mandatory labeling” while allowing only for voluntary USDA certification and labeling. The absolute biggest problem is that this bill would override any and all state or local laws that require GMO labeling. Bottom line, it will specifically block any real GMO labeling efforts from ever happening – unless, perchance, the FDA determines that some particular GMO product is ever found to be unsafe – in that case, label that one only. Solution: If in GMO doubt – just leave the food out! Just don’t even buy it.

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GMOs are NOT safe

If in GMO doubt – leave the food out! Just don’t even buy it in the first place and they’ll stop making it.


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Toxoplasmosis and personality changes

Severe personality changes don’t happen without a reason. One of the best-hidden causes of this is toxoplasma gondii contracted from cats and other sources. These toxo-infections can alter neurotransmitter function – bringing anywhere from mild to severe psychotic symptoms. In fact, some medications used to treat schizophrenia are designed to inhibit the replication of T. gondii parasite. Keep in mind that T. gondii can also selectively infect muscle and brain tissue consequently causing encephalitis, incoordination, tremors, head-shaking, seizures, deafness, cerebral palsy, delusions, hallucinations, impaired learning, organ inflammation, cancer and many other conditions. T. gondii in utero causes abortions and stillbirths. But here’s the kicker: sometimes the effects from this parasite don’t manifest for decades! The test for toxoplasmosis is a simple blood test checking for T. gondii antibodies and the treatment is usually easy. Oh, and the ravages of damage from this parasite are not limited to humans and can infect other species of pets and animals, causing personality changes in them too! Raw daikon, horseradish, garlic, oregano and goldenseal are all natural T. gondii fighters.

Personality changes are always caused by something

Personality changes are always caused by something

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Safe mercury?

If mercury is so deadly then why is it in vaccines and personal care products?

Read more> http://realhealthtalk.com/The_vaccine_debate.html

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Crazy for drugs

Crazy trivia: Americans are just CRAZY for their prescription medications. In fact, 2014 brought an eye-popping 4.3 billion prescriptions filled at a pricey $374 billion. Yes, that’s with a ‘B’ for billion. The real question with all the medicine we take is: Are we actually getting healthier for taking it or getting sicker?

We spend more on pharmaceutical drugs than we do food...

We spend more on pharmaceutical drugs than we do food…

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GABA for hyperactivity and stress relief

Here is my latest article on GABA: Along with calming the brain and central nervous system, GABA is required to make muscles relax and reset posture. GABA is responsible for making a normal wave of motion when walking, running or swimming.


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Safer in the summer sun with PABA

It is summer sun time which makes it time to talk about Para AminoBenzoic Acid (PABA). Did you know that supplemental PABA is a natural skin cancer deterrent and free radical fighter that protects against oxidative damage? PABA is what a healthy body – along with a good diet – produces to generate protectant skin pigment for a natural defense against sunburn and other skin damage. If you are PABA deficient, you will sunburn easily… But, if you do sunburn easily, DO NOT, and I repeat, DO NOT! rely on toxic sunscreen slathers thinking they will safely defend you against some unseen enemy as they actually are a potentially deadlier enemy. The truth is, if you burn easily, you are probably just low on PABA (but not the chemical form listed in the toxic sunscreen ingredients). Always start your supplemental PABA at least a week before going into the sun. Keep in mind that if you stay in the sun too long – you will still burn. But, you will be able to stay in the sun longer, brown better and avoid more cancer-causing free radical damage while taking PABA.

The sun is not our enemy!

The sun is not our enemy!

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Chemo on my mind and in my brain

Chemo brain is cognitive impairment that occurs in many cancer patients treated with Big Pharma interventions like radiation, hormone, and chemotherapy. This is technically brain damage that occurs during and shortly after cancer treatment that causes forgetfulness, inability to concentrate, problems recalling information, trouble multi-tasking and a general slowing down at processing information. The sad fact is that up to 70% of conventional treatment cancer patients experience this kind of cognitive damage. Men undergoing androgen deprivation therapy (ADT) for prostate cancer actually experience chemo brain rates at higher than other treatment rates. The real butt-kicker of all this is that chemo brain is one of the milder side effects of medical cancer treatment. The overall 5-year “survival” rate for chemotherapy treated patients is a lousy 2.1%. Choose wisely when you consider taking chemicals or radiation to treat problems rooted in diet, lifestyle and pollutants. A lack of chemo/radiation didn’t cause your lousy diet and chemo/radiation truly won’t fix your cancer!

There are much better options!

There are much better options!

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Drink milk for more cancer!

Did you know that the recommended three glasses of milk a day has been linked to shorter lifespans along with more broken bones? In fact, a large study in the BMJ 2014 showed that “high milk intake was associated with higher mortality in one cohort of women and in another cohort of men, and with higher fracture incidence in women.” That ‘three-a-day’ milk habit actually gave women a 60% increase in hip fractures, a 90% increase in death by cardiovascular disease and 44% more deaths by cancer as compared to the one-a-day glass of milk drinkers. Well, with milk sales in the tank, the dairy industry has recently locked arms with Coca-Cola to create the monster milk drink Fairlife which has an unnatural 50% more protein, 30% more calcium, 50% percent less sugar, and an amazing shelf life of 100 days. The fact is that normal cows’ milk already has three times more protein than human milk and when you toss back a glass of this stuff, a large amount of the protein is converted into acids – which actually leaches more calcium from the bones than was in the milk in the first place!

Milk does not a body good!

Milk does not a body good!

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It’s in your soaps and medicines

Studies have found that antimicrobial soaps are actually no better at killing germs than the plain old soap – and the FDA admits it! Formaldehyde, dioxane, phthalates, parabens, propylene, sodium laureth sulphate and much more goes into personal care products and straight into your body. Did you know they even put some of this kind of stuff in vaccines?

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Hippy-dippy toothbrushing

Want healthier teeth and gums? Then you must ditch the regular toothpastes and switch to tooth powder. Regular toothpaste has glycerin which works against your teeth to plug up the living dentinal tubules which allow the teeth to re-mineralize and repair naturally. Besides this, fluoride toothpaste is just plain poison – no, really – poison! One half a tube of fluoride toothpaste ingested by a small child can actually kill them dead… Besides that, it is natural calcium fluoride that builds healthy bones and teeth – not the man-made toxic sodium fluoride. Ok, how about this ingredient found in regular toothpaste: Sodium lauryl sulfate (which is an industrial degreaser), that is found in most toothpastes but is a known kidney, liver and nerve killer, a skin irritant and is also a carcinogen. What you’ll find in a quality tooth powder (like Simply Sooney) are things like bentonite, magnesium and calcium, baking soda, cinnamon, organic oils and other hippy-dippy wonderfuls that I personally approve of. A spray of food-grade hydrogen peroxide to wet the toothbrush first can also help chase away gingivitis and bad breath.

Remember to only brush the teeth that you want to keep.

Remember to only brush the teeth that you want to keep.

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Antibiotic overload

Once the very first antibiotic is administered to the infant or child, the bacteria in the gut is wiped out and the immune system is permanently altered in its ability to manufacture appropriate immune cells. On top of this, fungus in the gut is now unopposed and begins to proliferate basically unchecked. Once the bacteria balance is disturbed and fungus sets up its strongholds then parasites move in to share the bounty of food and minerals needed by the body. This is the first step for chronic disease and cancer.

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Resisting the antibiotics trivia

About 50% of inpatients in hospitals receive inappropriate antibiotic therapies and many of those are related to misdiagnoses. A whopping 38% of patients who actually did receive a correct diagnosis were still incorrectly given antibiotics. One CDC fact states that most deaths related to antibiotic resistance happen in healthcare settings such as hospitals and nursing homes. Question ALL offers for antibiotics if you really care about your health.


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Curing diabetes

 Diabetes is both preventable and treatable.

Diabetes is fast becoming the fourth leading cause of death in the U.S., accounting for about 180,000 deaths per year (right behind medical mistakes).

Read more>

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How rare is Vitamin D toxicity?

Will the real Vitamin D numbers please stand up! Vitamin D not only boosts bone health and treats cancer but it also helps prevent diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, tooth decay and many other illnesses. There has been a lot of recent research highlighting the benefits of D supplements where blood levels of Vitamin D greater than 50ng/mL is considered high and normal levels are considered to be between 20-50ng/mL. There is however, a lot of general misinformation about healthy levels of Vitamin D and Vitamin D toxicity. According to the latest Mayo Clinic study, toxic levels of vitamin D are actually extremely rare. In fact, patients in the latest study that were over 50ng/mL were not found to be at risk for hypercalcemia, or elevated serum calcium. During this 10-year study with thousands of patients only one case was found to be true acute vitamin D toxicity – dialing in at a D level of a whopping 364 ng/mL. (This individual had been popping 50,000iu of Vitamin D daily for months while also downing daily calcium supplements). If you are just a little low on “the mighty D” I recommend taking 4-5,000iu a day along with some quality fish oil. IMHO, for higher doses of D, the best thing is to monitor your blood levels about once a month.

The best source of vitamin D comes from the sun.

The best source of vitamin D comes from the sun.

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