Ice cream lovers rejoice!

Ben & Jerry’s ice cream has gone GMO-free. The much loved ice-cream maker has taken a bold step and has transformed all 50 of its flavors to non-GMO ingredients and Fair Trade certification. Things like the Heath Toffee Bar flavor had to go to meet both the non-GMO and Fair Trade standards. Ben & Jerry’s worked hard to source out 110 new non-GMO ingredients to meet this challenge. You may recall, two years ago, Ben & Jerry’s spent over $450,000 to try to defeat the California GMO labeling ballot initiative. A growing number of image-conscious companies (probably more money-minded than health conscious companies), are shunning GMOs to help with the GMO-free food revolution. One helpful book for going GMO-free is the national Non-GMO Sourcebook by Ken Roseboro – a manual that helps food producers find GMO-free ingredients.

I'd like to see more labels like this one!

I’d like to see more labels like this one!

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Craig Stellpflug is a NeuroDevelopment Consultant and a Certified Nutritional Consultant. Craig is a cancer nutritionist and child brain disorder specialist at Healing Pathways Medical Clinic in Scottsdale Arizona.
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