How we get the flu

With the flu vaccine, the route of the disease entry is different to naturally occurring flu which enters through the mouth or the nasal cavity. The flu vaccine enters through the skin and muscle when the needle breaks the skin and foreign matter is injected into the muscle. This of course, bypasses the skin’s barrier role in immune function, as well as avoiding the normal route of infection defenses; the tonsils, the mucous membranes, and so on. Normally, the body primes with extra antibodies once the tonsils are alerted that there is impending infection. By the time the normal route of infection takes hold, there is an army of white blood cells already waiting to neutralize the invaders. With vaccinations, the infection goes straight to the blood, with no prior build up for the body, and no extra immune cells to deal with it.

True flu prevention does not come in a vaccine.

True flu prevention does not come in a vaccine.

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