How vaccines spread disease:

What is vaccine shedding? Vaccine shedding is what happens when a person gets vaccinated and then starts to give-off the disease that they were just vaccinated for. Shedding is when the vaccine virus comes back out in the feces, urine or the lungs, nose, saliva or mouth. Anyone who comes near a shedding child or adult can now contract the same disease for weeks after the vaccine. Want to cause a flu epidemic? Take a FluMist Vaccine and watch it spread as the vaccinated victim sheds the flu. Other vaccines that “shed” are Varicella Vaccine, Oral Polio Vaccine (shedding for up to 6 weeks), Measles Vaccine (up to 14 days), Acellular Pertussis Vaccine (in the airways for up to 6 weeks), Mumps Vaccine, Rubella Vaccine (up to 4 weeks), Chicken Pox Vaccine (replicates in the lung and transmits zoster -shingles sores), and the Rotavirus Vaccine. Many of these shedding diseases are also passed along in the breast milk of a vaccinated mother.

Vaccines do more harm than good these days.

Vaccines do more harm than good these days.

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