How rare is Vitamin D toxicity?

Will the real Vitamin D numbers please stand up! Vitamin D not only boosts bone health and treats cancer but it also helps prevent diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, tooth decay and many other illnesses. There has been a lot of recent research highlighting the benefits of D supplements where blood levels of Vitamin D greater than 50ng/mL is considered high and normal levels are considered to be between 20-50ng/mL. There is however, a lot of general misinformation about healthy levels of Vitamin D and Vitamin D toxicity. According to the latest Mayo Clinic study, toxic levels of vitamin D are actually extremely rare. In fact, patients in the latest study that were over 50ng/mL were not found to be at risk for hypercalcemia, or elevated serum calcium. During this 10-year study with thousands of patients only one case was found to be true acute vitamin D toxicity – dialing in at a D level of a whopping 364 ng/mL. (This individual had been popping 50,000iu of Vitamin D daily for months while also downing daily calcium supplements). If you are just a little low on “the mighty D” I recommend taking 4-5,000iu a day along with some quality fish oil. IMHO, for higher doses of D, the best thing is to monitor your blood levels about once a month.

The best source of vitamin D comes from the sun.

The best source of vitamin D comes from the sun.

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Craig Stellpflug is a NeuroDevelopment Consultant and a Certified Nutritional Consultant. Craig is a cancer nutritionist and child brain disorder specialist at Healing Pathways Medical Clinic in Scottsdale Arizona.
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