How I make kombucha tea

The big deal:

Funny sounding but tastes great!

Funny sounding but tastes great!

Who knew that kombucha tea contains glucosamines which are both a natural treatment and preventive for all forms of arthritis?  Kombucha tea also promotes liver detoxification and reduces pancreatic load for natural cancer treatment.

President Reagan even drank Kombucha to halt the spread of his cancer in 1987 and went on to live another 17 years.

Because kombucha is a fermented wonder-drink, it brings improved digestion, fights candida overgrowth, and brings mental clarity and mood stability. It even reduces and helps eliminate the symptoms of fibromyalgia! Drink it every day and within one week you should notice increased energy levels that come with the influx of healthy antioxidants and improved immune function.

Kombucha benefits have been long studied and proven throughout Europe but, of course, grossly ignored by Western main-stream medicine.

How I make my own kombucha tea

You can always buy some kombucha at the local health food store, but how about making your own healthy powerhouse for about $1 a gallon? That’s what I do.

I already have a scoby to reuse from the last batch of kombucha I made (scoby is the pancake-looking growth that floats in the tea while brewing – I bought my scoby online for about $5). I first make about a gallon of black tea/green tea/decaf green tea/chamomile or whatever flavor I am dreaming of that week by taking the equivalent of about 8 teabags, heat in water, steep and strain, just like normal tea. I then add one generous cup of organic cane sugar, stir it in and cool the whole concoction to 90 degrees or lower. Now I pour the tea into a gallon jar – leaving 2-3 cups of room in the jar for the next part where I take about 2 cups of my last kombucha brew along with the scoby and add them to the gallon jar of tea. I then cover the jar with a thin cloth or coffee filter held in place by a rubber-band so the brew can breathe but be protected from dust and the random fruit fly. I simply push the new batch to a secluded place on my kitchen counter and in about 7 or 8 days, VIOLA! Kombucha heaven

Flavor check

How do I know when my kombucha is ready to pour up? I slip a straw beside and underneath the scoby in the jar to sip-check the flavor. If it is not to my liking after seven days, I can let it ferment another day or two. Hint: the longer kombucha ferments, the more vinegar-like the flavor becomes.

When harvesting my kombucha, I fish out the scoby which has pretty much doubled in size. Now I actually have two scobies for yet another gallon batch extra, or to give one away, or to feed to the chickens. I save two cups or so of fresh brew to add to the next  batch along with the scoby. I pour the remaining kombucha into smaller glass bottles, cap and refrigerate.

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