Herd mentality

Last year, 175 people in the US came down with measles. The feds are squealing “epidemic” and blaming anti-vaccers for this near-pandemic, citing failed “herd immunity” as the cause of this. Really? Well over 85% of the measles victims were already vaccinated so why did they contract measles? And since when does 175 people out of over 313 million people become a crisis? 2 out of 5 Americans coming down with cancer – that’s a crisis. A 30% increase in autism in 1 year – that’s an epidemic. Child obesity out if control – now there’s a huge problem. Measles is caused by a vitamin A shortage, poor diets, and  weak immune systems – not by a lack of vaccines. Besides, vaccine “herd immunity” is just a theory from the 1930s (way before measles vaccines) that said that epidemics of measles only occurred when natural immunity levels in the “herd” of children fell below 68%. How that got morphed to 95% of the vaccinated public I have never found out…

Maybe the whole "herd" thing is just a bad hypothesis?

Maybe the whole “herd” thing is just a bad hypothesis?

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Craig Stellpflug is a NeuroDevelopment Consultant and a Certified Nutritional Consultant. Craig is a cancer nutritionist and child brain disorder specialist at Healing Pathways Medical Clinic in Scottsdale Arizona.
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