GMO fed rat study under fire

You remember that shocking Séralini study out of the University of Caen last year? You know, the one where rats fed Monsanto‘s NK603 corn or exposed to Roundup herbicide in drinking water died earlier and had higher rates of tumors and organ damage than non-GMO fed rats? Well, this remarkable study has come under an all-out attack from the money-bags corporations who are losing bug bucks because of it. The study opponents are shouting that the experiment did not use enough rats and should therefore be shredded for- well, rat litter paper… The opponents further try to discredit the study by saying that the industry standard Sprague Dawley lab rats used in the study develop tumors anyhow if allowed to live long enough – ignoring the obvious fact that non-GMO control groups of rats still had much less cancer, lived longer and generally fared in better health overall. The opponents say all this while shoving their crappy 90 day studies (which were less thorough) at us to say “GMOs are safe”. The chief editor of the Journal of Food and Chemical Toxicology offered for Séralini and his team to voluntarily retract the study – which they refused to do. Sounds like a case of Snot Stew to me but I’m siding with Séralini on this one.

We humans are the real lab rats...

We humans are the real lab rats…

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