Flu vaccine de-ja-moo:

The flu vaccine supposedly “protects” against three or four strains of flu but this year’s virus has dodged the vaccines (again) and the CDC now says that the mutated strain, H3N2, is infecting most people. A 2014 study shows that a whopping 217 people must be vaccinated with Fluzone High Dose to “prevent” just one lousy case of normal flu. But 30% of people who take the flu shot have adverse reactions and most of those events are equal to or worse than getting the flu in the first place. So, this begs the question: Is Vaccination immunization? Can vaccination actually replace natural immunity? Doesn’t happen folks… The vaccination process artificially simulates and bypasses the natural immune system process, bringing with it a swath of adverse consequences – some immediately evident and some hidden for decades. Chemical detergents, anti-freeze, heavy metals, xenotrophic retroviruses, DNA from aborted fetuses and materials from other species are mixed together in vaccines and then tossed willy-nilly at the immune system. Vaccines override and bypass normal immune responses to activate killer cells which can trigger an overproduction of cytokines that damage tissues and organs and can even stop the heart and block air pathways – much like whacking a big beehive with a short stick… The vaccination paradigm is so dangerous that vaccine manufacturers are protected by and underwritten by the government instead of the private sector – which would swiftly go bankrupt paying out claims to the injured.

Madness, sheer madness peeps...

Madness, sheer madness peeps…

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