The next deadly flu outbreak

Where will the next deadly flu outbreak hit us from? Odds are one out of five that it will come from a government lab within the next decade. This is because high-security germ labs are run by people experimenting with and developing deadly flu strains. And this is what happens: Earlier this year, the USDA requested some ordinary flu virus samples from the CDC but got way more than they expected. The CDC accidentally shipped the deadly flu strain H5N1. The USDA recognized that error (supposedly) before anyone was exposed but then failed to report the incident to the head honchos for another six weeks. The CDC reports that high-containment laboratories have errors and incidents on almost a weekly basis. Recently some anthrax was mishandled and put dozens of lives at risk. We the sheople won’t have to wait for some enemy to weaponize some deadly virus or bacteria – our government will do that to us first.

Man does not die, he kills himself...

Man does not die, he kills himself…

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30 days to a less fatty liver

Just thirty days on a good supplemental probiotic helps diminish the accumulation of fat in the liver. A new study published in PLOS ONE brings us one giant step forward in the fight against Non-Alcolohic Fatty Liver Disease, obesity and diabetes. This study used a three probiotic strain to diminish the accumulation of fat in the liver of obese rats. Now granted, we are not rats but our digestive systems work very similar. Fatty accumulation in the liver is the first stage in the NAFLD and affects millions of people throughout the world. Probiotics also reduce the number of proinflamatory molecules to lower serum levels of tumor-a necrosis factor and interleukin 6. Probiotics will never cure NAFLD, cancer, diabetes or obesity by themselves, but added to healthy diet and lifestyle changes, these microorganisms can certainly help fight a good fight.

It's a great start!

It’s a great start!

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Go to the brain shrink for a good dose of brain shrink

Antipsychotic medications cause a measureable decrease in brain volume! Of course, our brains naturally lose some volume as we age, caused by lost brain cells and connections, AKA atrophy. But how many doctors will tell you that taking antipsychotic drugs will cause you to lose your brain at a faster rate? This continuous loss of billions of brain cells causes a brain volume loss of 0.7% a year. A loss of brain cells and connections in general will exacerbate cognitive problems and brain disorders – if not actually cause them… And the higher the dose of medication, the faster and greater the brain loss. According to a recent study out in PLOS ONE, the newer antipsychotics are no better for causing brain shrinking than the old ones. Is this why they call psychiatrists “shrinks”? You are so much better off running to find a good nutritionist or naturopath for disease treatment rather than acquiessing to the medical mucky mucks for disease management.

I guess it's less brain to think for yourself with.

I guess it’s less brain to think for yourself with.

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Broccoli, cauliflower, spinach, and cabbage fight bad estrogen

Broccoli, cauliflower, spinach, and cabbage are cruciferous vegetables that are anti-estrogenic and actually block environmental xenoestrogens in the body. Xenoestrogens cause things like facial hair in women and man-boobs (moobs) in men – not to mention hypothyroidism and making it very difficult to lose weight. Most of these xenoestrogens come from plastics to cause women to store belly fat and cause chronically low testosterone levels in men. Xenoestrogens are also associated with many different cancers. But cruciferous vegetables naturally contain 3,3′-Diindolylmethane or DIM for short. DIM blocks bad estrogens that accumulate in the body and is a double whammy against estrogen-driven cancers and a powerful immunostimulant. On a side-note, DIM is fat soluble, meaning you should consume it along with healthy oils and friendly fats to enhance the absorption of these healthful nutrients.

We heard about moobs back in the 90s.

We heard about moobs back in the 90s.

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What prostate cancer used to be:

Once upon a time, prostate cancer only occurred in men in their 70s and 80s. Once upon a time, prostate cancers were so slow-growing that early stage prostate cancer victims ended up dying from other causes. Once upon a time… Now the new face of prostate cancer is younger men being diagnosed with prostate cancer. Now the face of prostate cancer is that it has multiplied in younger men by 6-fold over the last 20 years. Now the face of prostate cancer is that it is more likely to be the deadly aggressive prostate cancer in these younger men. Now the face of prostate cancer is that the average survival at stage 4 is generally less than three years. Now the face of prostate cancer is that American men have a whopping 16% risk of developing prostate cancer in their lifetime. Studies show that GMOs cause prostate inflammation in about 90 days in rats. Gluten causes prostate inflammation. Plasticizers cause prostate inflammation. Vaccine adjuvants cause prostate inflammation. Did you know that cancer is a disease of inflammation? Something to think about!

The face of what used to be has changed...

The face of what used to be has changed…

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What happens when you eat GMOs?

When you eat GMO foods, does any of the unique DNA of the genetically modified organism affect you? Monsanto and other GMO companies shout NO! But the amount of DNA from food that gets past the intestines is not really looked at because it doesn’t have any significant nutritional value. But animal feeding studies show that some dietary DNA can resist the digestive process and actually make it past the intestinal barrier and into the blood. Proteins and DNA are generally thought to be completely broken down into smaller pieces of amino acids and nucleic acids to then be absorbed and distributed throughout the body via the circulation system. In a recent study, scientists have found that large DNA segments can pass from food to the circulatory system in humans. This means it would ultimately integrate with your own DNA. You are what you eat. Make it something wholesome and natural.

And it so easy to avoid - if you really want to...

And it so easy to avoid – if you really want to…

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So now there is third hand smoke killing us!

Smoking is not good for health in general and I know you’ve heard tell about second hand smoke and its deleterious effects on nearby people. The fact is that every year some 600,000 people die worldwide from passive inhalation of tobacco smoke. Now researchers from the University of York have found that third hand smoke is also a potential cancer risk for non-smokers and most especially for young children. Third hand smoke is like what you smell and touch in the car of a smoker – even days later with the windows down. In a smoker’s environment, there is widespread tobacco related carcinogens lurking in the dust and on contact surfaces. This new study goes so far as to estimate the potential cancer risk by age group for non-dietary ingestion and dermal exposure to third hand smoke. The general risk for cancer from third hand smoke weighs in at one extra cancer case per one thousand people exposed.

Maybe it's not quite like that - but it's close...

Maybe it’s not quite like that – but it’s close…

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Just how good a kisser are you?

Psychology research shows that a total of 59% of men and 66% of women have put an end to a budding relationship because of a bad first kiss.

A swing and a miss!

A swing and a miss!

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Organic versus conventionally grown food

When you keep eating a diet of cheaper conventionally grown food, your body begins to starve – even though you could be gaining weight. When your body lacks for proper nutrition, it sends out signals to the brain for you to eat more food, hoping to find nutrition somewhere – anywhere… Conventionally grown food is chemically fertilized with high levels of synthetic nitrogen. This forces the plant to produce more than normal levels of sugars and starches while bringing lower concentrations of nutrients and antioxidants. Organic crops produce up to 69% more phenols and polyphenols to defend against pest attacks and injuries. This wholesome goodness transfers to people who eat these crops. Did you know that though organic food costs more, you will eat less and still get more nutrients than eating conventionally grown food?

Organic is always the better choice

Organic is always the better choice

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C-section babies have weaker immune systems

There is a reason that C-section babies get sicker more often than vaginal birth babies. A number of studies show that children delivered by Caesarean section have a different intestinal flora than those delivered naturally. Babies cut out of the womb develop lower numbers of cells that strengthen and build the immune system. Natural birth newborns are exposed to more bacteria from the mother than Caesarean babies. The natural birth baby’s immune system quickly learns to distinguish between its own harmless molecules and foreign molecules and thus have lower counts of reactive immune cells that can attack the body itself. All of this natural goodness comes from good-guy intestinal bacteria. C-sections babies often have more autoimmune diseases such as type 1 diabetes, Chrohn’s disease and allergies caused by an over-reaction by the immune system. But the latest researcher isn’t looking to suggest less Caesarean births – they want to patent new drugs to bypass the whole issue. Good luck with that one…

But they only spanked babies like this in the movies.

But they only spanked babies like this in the movies.

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Swallowing a lump in your throat

Do you ever get a lump in your throat trying to swallow while eating? This could be a condition called eosinophillic esophagitis (a fancy shmanshy word for “food allergy”). Eosinophillic esophagitis is an inflammatory disorder of the esophagus that is triggered by allergic sensitivity to certain foods that cause an over-accumulation in the esophagus of white blood cells. Eosinophillic esophagitis can flair up within seconds of swallowing food and cause reflux-like symptoms, vomiting, difficulty swallowing, tissue scarring, fibrosis, the formation of strictures and – CANCER. If you have ever seen someone with esophageal cancer then you already know that you would give anything to avoid ever having it – or would you?… Would you give up gluten or corn or fried food or your favorite Starbucks drink? Of course, the latest Big Pharma research showing this food allergy relationship to the esophagus is trying to find chemical drugs that will inhibit the reaction rather than simply avoiding the allergen. Bad idea peeps…

Trouble swallowing can be a symptom of food allergies

Trouble swallowing can be a symptom of food allergies

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What causes colon polyps?

Colon polyps are merely symptoms of colon problems and are mostly caused by not enough fiber in the diet and eating foods high in trans fats. If you consume a diet of less than 80% raw fruits and veggies, you should eat more raw foods that are rich in fiber and take fiber supplements like psyllium husk or ground flaxseed. Always drink plenty of water, especially when taking fiber supplements. Taking a non-corn, non-GMO vitamin C helps reduce the formation of polyps. Mixed tocopherol vitamin E is loaded with antioxidants that help mitigate cell damage in the body associated with polyps. Vitamin A helps protect all of the epithelial cells of the body including the membranes lining the digestive tract. Avoid taking PPIs like Prilosec while staying off of antacids like Tums, Rolaids and etc. to help thwart the recurrence of polyps after surgery. Besides, if you think you need an antacid, you more than likely need to take some HCL instead. HCL should stop heartburn and raise the stomach acid as low stomach acid also breeds colon polyps.polyps

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Cinnamon for Parkinson’s Disease

Taking cinnamon supplements can actually reverse the brain changes that happen with Parkinson’s Disease. A recent study published in the Journal of Neuroimmune Pharmacology goes so far as to say that cinnamon is one of the safest approaches to halt the progression of Parkinson’s. Cinnamon is metabolized in the liver into the natural drug-form of sodium benzoate. Big Pharma patents sodium benzoate as a drug treatment for hepatic metabolic defects (with side effects of course). Cinnamon is naturally anti-ammonemic and is a natural antimicrobial – without the Big Pharma drug effects. The two forms of cinnamon in the US are the cheaper cassia cinnamon and the purer, more expensive Ceylon cinnamon. Both types work just as well but the cheaper cinnamon cassia contains coumarin, which is hepatotoxic. Feeding, ground cinnamon to mice stopped the loss of Parkin and DJ-1 proteins that protect neurons, normalize neurotransmitter levels, and improve motor functions. Works well in humans too!

Totally preventable and treatable in my opinion.

Totally preventable and treatable in my opinion.

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Vasectomies for no one

Whenever you cut or drug the human body there are always consequences and vasectomy is no exception. Sterilization by vasectomy brings a greater risk for prostate cancer, and a stronger risk for advanced or lethal prostate cancer according to Harvard. This wasn’t some tiny study of 10 patients over 90 days but rather a 24 year follow-up study on some 50,000 men. 15% of men have this snip-snip surgery and vasectomy is the most common form of contraception in the U.S. Prostate cancer is now the second-leading cause of cancer death among U.S. men (mostly thanks to aggressive and unnecessary cancer treatments causing even more deaths…) and having a vasectomy ups the risk of deadly prostate cancer up to 56% – the younger the man with the vasectomy, the higher the risk. If you are considering a vasectomy, think it through carefully. If you already had one, then start lowering your risk with diet and lifestyle changes while you are still healthy.

A little snip-snip could really hurt someone to death...

A little snip-snip could really hurt someone to death…

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Building your vision naturally

The nutrient lutein is a coloring pigment found in yellow and orange plants and eggs that is a close relative to vitamin A. Lutein is an antioxidant that helps reduce free radical damage – especially in your eyes. Lutein is found in high concentrations in the retinas and is a critical component of normal vision. People with high levels of lutein in their blood also have healthier blood vessels. Your eyes have some of the most sensitive blood vessels in the body and if you are eating a diet with lots of colorful, healthy fruits and vegetables, you should getting ample amounts of lutein. But if you are behind in antioxidants and suffering in your vision, a good supplement of lutein can help catch you up while you improve your diet. If you have a crappy diet and don’t wish to change it, I highly suggest this supplement to help stave off eye disease – but who wouldn’t want to do the natural thing? That would be stone-cold crazy!

Keep your eyes on the prized  lutein!

Keep your eyes on the prized lutein!

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Losing the Alzheimers battle and making money at it

We will never win the Alzheimer’s battle with chemical drugs – because Alzheimer’s Disease is not caused by a drug deficiency. The best that Big Pharma has to offer for the Alzheimer’s victim is the drug Aricept, which has side effects that are so bad they cannot be tolerated by a whopping 26% of takers, AND it only offers a temporary boost in memory and cognitive function anyhow with absolutely no reversal or slowing the progress of Alzheimer’s Disease. Namenda is another Big Pharma gambit that is no better and packs a litany of similar side effects along with no hope for reversing or stopping Alzheimer’s. Side effects reported from either of these drugs include: arrhythmia, high blood pressure, dizziness, diarrhea, vomiting, constipation, reduced hearing, blurred vision, cataracts, kidney disease, heart attacks, and seizures or convulsions. Did you know that coconut oil and niacin out-perform these meds naturally and actually help reverse Alzheimer’s disease without the deadly side effects? Still want those drugs?

Modern medicine is not winning this battle for you.

Modern medicine is not winning this battle for you.

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Deadly sweet GMO sugar

If you are reading the food ingredient label and it says “sugar” – and it doesn’t say what kind of sugar – you can bet it came from a GMO crop like corn or sugar beets. There are two big reasons to suspect this product: The first is that cane sugar is more expensive than GMO corn or beet sugar and no processed food maker in their right mind would forget to label their product with the healthy buzzwords “made from cane sugar”. The second reason is for a product to be “GMO-free”, it takes GMO-free food ingredients. If the sugar comes from GMO sources then that wipes out any GMO-free food label claim. Consider this: over half of the sugar today in the US comes from sugar beets and over 90% of all sugar beets are now genetically modified. But which is worse for you; GMO sugar or artificial sweetener? Let me ask you this: Would you rather be shot to death or stabbed to death? Dead is still dead…

If you are waiting for someone to make a law to protect you from GMOs, you are being foolish...

If you are waiting for someone to make a law to protect you from GMOs, you are being foolish…

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The broken Medicaid cookie cutter

The Medicaid cookie cutter doesn’t work when you compare it to regular health insurance. Compared to private insurance patients, the average Medicaid patient is usually younger, twice as likely to smoke, and have higher rates of conditions related to chronic poor health habits – including diabetes, obesity, lung disease and vascular problems. This makes a Medicaid patient much riskier for surgery or treatment at any medical facility. No wonder hospitals and care facilities turn away the Medicaid patient when they can. The fact is that over 61% of all surgeries on Medicaid patients are done at about one-third of hospitals. We are entering an era of expanding Medicaid coverage and are going to see a sharp rise in medical complications, readmissions to hospitals and other issues. Medicaid patients already receive a lower quality of care on average. I think this should be a diet and lifestyle wake-up call. Don’t hit the snooze button peeps!

Better take this call peeps, it is important.

Better take this call peeps, it is important.

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Banking on the buzzwords to sell food

Food marketers use many different buzzwords that confuse the buyer to sell their products. Marketers are banking on consumers being pretty much stupid when it comes to food and health related buzzwords. When most people read the words “antioxidant,” “gluten-free” and “whole grain,” splashed across the front of a food package, they are hornswoggled into thinking that this packaged food labeled with those words is healthier than it really is. You might advertise that Cherry 7-up has antioxidants but it doesn’t make it healthy for you to drink. You can promote a cake mix as gluten-free but pack it out with GMO soy/corn and load it with food chemicals and artificial sweeteners. You can claim that something is made with whole grains and still bulk it up with processed grains bolstered with a minimum of whole grains. This is how food marketers generate a false sense of health – while cutting your purse and stealing your money AND your health…

Don't believe everything you read on the front label...

Don’t believe everything you read on the front label…

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Nap time improvements

Taking time out for a nap can improve stamina, motor skills, and even enhance creativity. According to the University of California, without a midday nap, people cannot perform at optimal levels throughout the rest of the day and performance falls apart. The next time you hit an afternoon slump, take a power nap to get a fresh burst of creativity and energy. But the benefits of napping just keep on stacking up: Power naps decrease the risk of dying from heart-related complications by a whopping 37% with just 3 sneaky-snoozes per week! What if I told you that sleeping for 20 minutes helps the release of growth hormones to aid in weight loss? The sweet spot target power naps is between 15-30 minutes. A Berkley report shows that naps must be this short in order to most effective because there is a diminishing return on benefits after 45 minutes. NASA says that napping for 30 minutes can improve cognitive faculties by around 40%. The best time for copping some Zs is between 1 and 3 in the afternoon.

At least his aim will be better when he wakes up!

At least his aim will be better when he wakes up!

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