Iodine is not optional

Every cell in the body requires the trace mineral iodine for healthy function. Even thyroid hormones are put together with iodine plus the amino acid tyrosine. Thyroid hormones set metabolic rates in the body and are needed for cellular activities – including cell division. Iodine, fluoride, chlorine and bromine are called halogens and share the same “key slot” pathway that iodine uses to enter the cell. But fluoride, chlorine and bromine get stuck and block this key slot entry point to prevent iodine from entering the cell, causing cellular dysfunction. This is why you can test for plenty of thyroid hormones in the blood but still have all the symptoms of a thyroid deficiency. Excess fluoride and chlorine come mainly from our water treatment systems and dentifrices. Bromine is found in baked goods and breads. The more you take in fluoride, chlorine and bromine, the more these plug up your cellular pathways and the more hypothyroid you become. Taking supplemental iodine/iodide will cause osmotic pressure to push the fluoride, chlorine and bromine out of the cell key slots so iodine can once again do its job. If you take too much iodine/iodide to fast then the body has to deal with the extra fluoride, chlorine and bromine that is displaced all at once leading to the false conclusion that you are “allergic” to iodine. 16mg of iodide a day will maintain health but a lot more will be needed to recover lost health. Painting tummies, breasts or parts of limbs with staining iodine (like Povidine iodine) is another great way to boost iodine levels. Iodine stains should last 24hrs if you have optimal levels in your body.

Your body takes what it needs through the skin when you paint with it.

Your body takes what it needs through the skin when you paint with it.

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Organic food wins again!

Once again rehashing the obvious – a very recent food nutrition study published in the British Journal of Nutrition showed that organic foods have more flavor, more antioxidants and less pesticide residues than the non-organic food. Organic crops actually carry up to 69% more antioxidant compounds than the regular conventionally grown crops. According to this study, eating organic fruits and vegetables instead of conventionally grown ones would bring the nutritional equivalent of about two extra portions of fruit and vegetables a day – without having to eat more food to get it. No wonder we are hungry all the time and eating so much; we are starving for nutrients. This study also found health-damaging pesticide residues to be up to 100-fold lower in organic food compared to conventionally grown food. Did you know that conventional food packs twice as much toxic heavy metal contaminants as organic food?

You'll  get your money's worth in health switching to organic.

You’ll get your money’s worth in health switching to organic.

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Going plastic free to avoid cancer

Plasticizing chemicals are found in everyday food storage containers, food can liners, bags and even on store receipts and paper money. Exposure to these chemicals causes breast cancer cells to grow faster. Duke University found that this exposure not only contributes to breast cancer cell progression, but also diminishes chemotherapy efficacy. Plasticizers can even render common breast cancer cells completely treatment resistant – regardless of whether the cancer is estrogen receptor positive or negative. People avoiding all plastics for a month or more still had small levels of plasticizing chemicals in their urine from contact within 48 hours because this stuff is so ubiquitous in the environment today. Interestingly, plasticizers are also common in the very IV bags and tubing used to deliver chemotherapy drugs that are supposed to “fight” cancer. Does anyone else see the conundrum here? We switched to glass containers in our home while avoiding canned goods and other plasticizers sources like the plague. Should you?

Just what have we done to ourselves?

Just what have we done to ourselves?

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The rising tide of dementia

At the rate we are headed we will have over 80 million people suffering from dementia by the year 2040 – driving up health care costs and burdening families ~ Pitt School of Medicine.

We have to change our diets, lifestyles and inordinate love for medical drugs to stop this runaway train.

We have to change our diets, lifestyles and inordinate love for medical drugs to stop this runaway train.

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EDTA lowers cancer death risk

Want to lower your cancer death risk while you flush havoc wreaking calcium deposits out of your veins, arteries, and capillaries? There is a supplement called EDTA that will do just this. Taking EDTA can remove lead and excess iron from your body, balance bad cholesterol, boost blood flow, protect the brain and memory, strengthen bones, improve energy levels, help vision, enhance hearing and even renew the sense of smell. EDTA is made up of amino acids much like vinegar and EDTA  binds to many different heavy metals to chelate them out of the body via the kidneys, bowels and skin. Studies have shown these facts for decades but this miracle supplement hasn’t gone main stream medicine, probably because it is cheap, can’t be patented and it works. In an 18 year study, death from cancer was reduced 90% by treating participants with EDTA. Be very careful because more EDTA is not better. EDTA is a serious supplement that requires strict adherence to labeled directions.healthy couple

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The effect on the child of too much gaming

Want a child that is well adjusted? Oxford University says to limit video game-playing to less than an hour a day for little kids and teenagers. When comparing children who were allowed a little video game-playing to the serious 3 hour or more gamers and to those who played none at all, researchers found that less than an hour a day gamers had neither positive nor negative effects. Out of the 5,000 children in this study they found that three out of four children and teenagers play video games daily, and that the ones who spent more than half their free time playing electronic games were not as well adjusted. The non-players and those who played for less than an hour were more likely to be satisfied with their lives, have fewer friendship and emotional problems, and were less hyperactive than the other group.The researchers also suggested that the influence of video games on children, for good or for bad, is small when compared to other factors, such as the overall family function, their school relationships, and whether they are ‘materially deprived’.

The parents set the limits.

The parents set the limits.

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The sacred cow of vaccination

The whole vaccine issue has sparked a veritable war of hate on both sides of the issue. Angry pro-vaxxers sometimes insist that mercury found in vaccines is completely safe even though many studies and legitimate vaccine injury claims show otherwise. Sometimes there are pronouncements made by pro-vaccination side that mercury is no longer being added to vaccines – which is true only in part. “No mercury added” doesn’t make vaccines mercury-free as mercury is still used in process for a lot of vaccines – just no extra mercury is added to some of them. Meanwhile, preggos, infants, children, elderly, pedestrians and grocery shoppers are all encouraged to or even badgered into to lining up for mercury-toxic vaccinations. Government agencies shout out how toxic mercury is – that is, when it comes from other sources, but we are found to let our brains fall out of our heads when it comes to the sacred cow of vaccinations.

A veritable bouquet of toxins

A veritable bouquet of toxins

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How do you like your fish cooked?

Do you like your fish baked, broiled or fried? Baked and broiled fish contain higher levels of brain-healthy omega-3 fatty acids than fried fish because the fatty acids are more often damaged by the high heat of frying. A recent study in The American Journal of Preventive Medicine shows that people who have diets that include baked or broiled – but not fried – fish have larger brain regions associated with memory and cognition. Simply eating baked or broiled fish once a week brought up to 14% greater grey matter brain volumes in the areas of the brain responsible for cognition. The strange part of this study is that they found no relationship between the circulating blood levels of omega-3 and better brain health. The study conclusion was that eating baked or broiled fish at least once a week is just plain good for the brain. Bottom line: your diet today contributes to your brain health later in life.

Catch of the day is fish!

Catch of the day is fish!

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Saturated fats and misguided science

Palm oil shows up in about half of everyday goods. Truth be told, palm oil is a saturated fat – wrongfully condemned by scientists of yore who have since condemned saturated fat because of a study hypothesis from long ago. A 2010 study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition showed that there wasn’t even a link between saturated fat for either heart disease or stroke. In 2006, the Women’s Health Initiative discovered that eating less saturated fat hasn’t lowered rates of heart disease or stroke. The key is to pay attention to where those saturated fats come from and what they are found in. Palmitic acid found in palm oil, butter, and eggs and myristic acid found in cheese, milk, butter, and beef raise both LDL and HDL cholesterol, canceling each other out. Stearic acid in foods like chocolate and beef doesn’t even raise LDL at all and lauric acid found in coconut oil is deemed a superfood. The real culprits are in the crap diet foods, bagels, pizzas, factory eggs and other processed foods that contain saturated fats and trans fats.

It's all about the processed food.

It’s all about the processed food.

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Ebola prevention and natural treatment

The Ebola virus is a very deadly infection you catch almost exclusively by coming into direct contact with the blood or body fluids of someone that is infected. The symptoms of an infection show up between 2 to 21 days after becoming infected. As the virus spreads through the body it attacks the immune system and organs to ultimately cause blood-clotting platelets to crater which leads to severe bleeding. Ebola hemorrhagic fever or Ebola virus, is reported to kill up to 90% of its victims and being a virus, antibiotics will not help the symptoms. Natural things to do are to load up on vitamin C and take colloidal silver, astragalus, basil oil and lingusticum – which are great antivirals for fighting any viral infection – including Ebola. Before the outbreak even hits, make sure you have plenty of iodine in your system and good levels of vitamins K and D. In case of an outbreak, reduce your stress, get 8 hours of sleep and eat a low carb diet with high nutrient dense foods. Homeopathic remedies like Crolatus horridus, Bothrops, Lachesis, Phosphorus and Mercurius Corrosivus would be great to have on hand also.

Don't wait for some disaster to hit before you take measures to protect yourself!

Don’t wait for some disaster to hit before you take measures to protect yourself!

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Look how big a problem a little magnesium deficiency causes!

You may be a bit surprised to learn that the biggest mineral deficiency in the US is brought on by a lack of magnesium in the diet. Magnesium deficiency usually starts off with little aches and pains and a rundown feeling but soon escalates into leg cramps, foot pain, and muscle twitches. But then it develops into high blood pressure, anxiety, asthma, insomnia, restless leg syndrome, blood sugar imbalances, heart dysrhythmia, chest pains, kidney stones, CANCER and many other symptoms. Only take magnesium citrate, gluconate, chelate or malate by mouth. For PTSD take magnesium threonate (notice all the suffixes of “ate”). Never, ever take magnesium oxide internally as it neutralizes stomach acid, inhibits magnesium absorption and is a bowel irritant that can burn the lining of the intestines. A normal dose of magnesium is 500mg a day for an adult and 20mg per kg for a child.

Something this simple can be that big of a problem!

Something this simple can be that big of a problem!

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Breast cancer treatments cause more breast cancer!

Every year a whopping 200,000 women develop breast cancer in the US. In light of this fact, yet another study published in the journal Stem Cells shows how cancer radiation treatments turned less malignant breast cancer cells into the more malignant induced breast cancer stem cells. The whole reason that chemotherapy radiation treatments seldom work on breast cancer cases is that cancer stems cells are especially resistant to these treatments. Chemotherapy radiation treatments “wake the dragon” to turn less harmful cancer into a virulent, invasive and uncontrollable disease. Now compare these facts to this: Natural treatments for breast cancer do not cause renegade cancer cells! Treatments for cancer using IV vitamin C, Gerson therapy, raw and vegan diets, enzyme therapy and supplements and herbs like selenium, turmeric and black cohosh and other non-invasive treatments are simple solutions that can bring up to 90% remission of cancer! And these treatments won’t cause your hair to fall out, skin to burn, mouth and gut to become inflamed, fatigue, anemia, lymphedema, extreme nausea or poisoned death.
Kehr, R. (2011). Cancer Tutor Cancer Options: The Surprising Power of Mother Nature!

Almost half of all people today will come down with cancer sooner or later...

Almost half of all people today will come down with cancer sooner or later…

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Phosphatidylserine for brain, memory and stress

Phosphatidylserine is an integral part of the cell membranes and is largely responsible for intracellular communication. Phosphatidylserine makes up close to 10% of the lipid content in the cell membrane of neurons. Phosphatidylserine supplements are commonly known as “brain boosters”; “memory enhancers” and as “stress busters”. Phosphatidylserine helps lower cortisol levels that are elevated by stress and/or heavy workouts. For ADHD, phosphatidylserine combined with omega-3 fatty acids can also bring a significant reduction in hyperactive/impulsive behavior. The very best phosphatidylserine comes from cows’ brains but a vast majority of phosphatidylserine supplements today are derived from the much inferior GMO soy – making them a lot less effective. For best results, always take phosphatidylserine in combination with a quality omega-3 fatty acid.

Stress relief and so much more

Stress relief and so much more

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Radiation treatment doesn’t cure cancer – it causes it!

A recent UCLA study covers how breast cancer radiation treatments promote malignancy in cancer cells instead of supposedly eradicating them. Radiation therapy was shown to induce breast cancer cells to form even more tumors while causing malignancy in radiation treated breast cells at a whopping 30 times more compared to untreated tissues and cells. The red herring that suckers most women into this deadly mis-step is that radiation treatments actually do temporarily send tumors into regression. But then, the Pied Piper comes back for his payment… Soon after radiation treatment, the ratio of highly malignant cells to benign cells begins to spiral out of control leading to a treatment-induced death. UCLA further reports that radiation treatment transforms cancer cells into treatment-resistant breast cancer stem cells, even as it kills half of all tumor cells. Even though this is recent news, it is also just old news warmed over – but this news hasn’t slowed down the usage of worthless radiation treatments. Must be the money…

This will steal your money and kill you dead - but it's legal...

This will steal your money and kill you dead – but it’s legal…

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Natural foodborne bacteria prevention

Even the most serious foodborne illnesses caused by pathogenic bacteria are defeated by the common cooking spice – cinnamon. Even better yet, cinnamomum cassia oil works effectively as a natural antibacterial agent directly in food to help improve food safety and reduce or even eliminate cases of food poisoning and related deaths. A recent study showed that low concentrations of cinnamon oil is highly effective against the top six strains of food-borne bacteria. To make a natural food wash for meats and vegetables, use 10 drops of the cinnamon oil per liter of water. For commercial food packaging the oil can be incorporated into films and coatings to eliminate deadly microorganisms. Think of what a few drops of this oil can do to freshen your dishwasher and clothes washer! This beats toxic chemicals hands down.

A majority of foodborne illness comes from green leafy foods.

A majority of foodborne illness comes from green leafy foods.

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Rice that’s not so healthy for you

Inorganic arsenic is classified as a first level carcinogen with negative effects on human health. There are absolutely no safe levels for inorganic arsenic anywhere; including that found in rice and rice-based foods. This makes for major health concerns for young children because rice is a very popular food source during child weaning, because exposure to high levels of arsenic raises the risk for cancer and heart disease. Children who get too much arsenic have lower IQs and poorer intellectual function. Testing finds that infants and young children typically have 2 to 3 times inorganic arsenic levels than adults. Rice naturally contains higher arsenic concentrations than other grains because it is grown in flooded rice paddies and has a unique physiology that takes up arsenic. High concentrations of inorganic arsenic are usually found in the bran layers – making a higher arsenic risk for rice bran products. But the bran is where the folate and other vital nutrients in rice thrive. Take away the bran and you are pretty much left with starch.

Hey kid, is that arsenic you're eating?

Hey kid, is that arsenic you’re eating?

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Chemicals that cost more lives than they save

It’s like straining at a gnat but swallowing a flame-retardant couch. If a piece of furniture that has been treated with flame retardant chemicals catches fire, it will give off much higher levels of deadly carbon monoxide, soot, and smoke. These byproducts are actually more likely to kill you than burns. But, the chemical industry stands behind them and swears that the flame retardants they sell save lives. But are these chemicals costing us more in poor health and deaths by disease than the lives they save? Studies are finding more and more that flame retardants in our environments cause cancers, developmental problems and other diseases. When you use flame retardants on furniture and in carpets, bedding and clothing, you are now subject to a daily assault of toxic chemicals. Natural materials like wool, latex and hemp have proven to resist or slow the spread of fire without sousing them with toxic flame retardants.

Fire safety doesn't begin with chemicals

Fire safety doesn’t begin with chemicals

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Chewable Vitamin C can damage teeth

Chewing on Vitamin C tablets can make your mouth acidic enough to dissolve tooth enamel. If you take chewable Vitamin C tablets, you will want to brush your teeth afterwards.

My kind of family fun!

My kind of family fun!

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Iodine deficiency causes eye problems:

The latest research puts eye trouble together with iodine deficiency. They eyes contain some of the most sensitive nerves and muscles in the whole body and troubles in the body often show up in the eyes first. Retinal diseases cause a loss of both night and peripheral vision first and then move on to impair the central vision. The standard medical treatments are not effective against these problems because a lack of drugs and surgery does not cause these conditions in the first place – but a lack of iodine does. Harvard Medical School found that retinal swelling is related to dietary iodine intake. Of course, the conclusion is the always pat “additional study is required”. Don’t wait on them! Iodine deficiency is related to cancer, depression, general malaise and a plethora of health troubles. The Japanese people naturally get about 15mg of iodine in their diet a day. Americans get pretty much zip. 15mg a day will help stave off diseases but more will be needed if you are already sick.

Nothing worse than losing your vision a little at a time...

Nothing worse than losing your vision a little at a time…

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Your tax dollars wasted on failed GMO soybean project in Afghanistan:

Our very own USDA partnered with the American Soybean Association to toss away 34 million bucks of our tax dollars by planting GMO soybeans in Afghanistan as a small part of the 120 billion smackers we have spent there already. This financial boon was intended to start a soy-farming industry under the pretense of boosting nutrition and aiding economic development. As goes with government handouts: with free money comes no accountability. The American Soybean Association didn’t even bother to do a feasibility study before shipping personnel, equipment, cash and soybeans overseas. If they would have bothered looking into a previous viability failure a few years before that they would have returned the money with an apology before they started. So, this is what happened to our money this time: the first crop failed; more soybeans were brought in; a special factory was built to process the desired soybean crops – which has to now be fed with imported soybeans. The final screaming death-knell: the Afghanistan people just don’t like to buy soybean products no matter how much we spend on marketing. They don’t like soybeans? At least the Afghans are smarter than Americans in that sense…

Doomed to fail but they didn't care.

Doomed to fail but they didn’t care.

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