Oil pulling for healthy teeth and gums

Oil pulling can help your teeth and gums be healthy and even recover from disease. Commercial mouthwashes contain fluoride, alcohol, artificial flavors, chemical sweeteners and many other harmful additives that poison your body. Not so with oil pulling! Oil pulling has been around for thousands of years and can freshen the breath, prevent plaque and heal gingivitis. Oil pulling helps whiten the teeth, treat headaches and migraines, clears some acne cases, lessens asthma symptoms, and can even help diabetes. Taking just 5 minutes a day to swish some grape seed oil, sesame oil or coconut oil will literally wash away mouth bacteria while preventing gum inflammation. Bad bacteria residing in the mouth and gums affects overall health and have been implicated in a range of diseases from heart attack and dementia. Swish for 5 minutes minimum and then spit and brush your teeth.

Swish but don't swallow!

Swish but don’t swallow!

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Death by Ritalin

Using Ritalin leads to a plethora of side effects including: increased blood pressure, elevated heart rate, higher body temperature, lowered alertness and suppressed appetite. Think taking Ritalin is a cake-walk? Try these additional side effects: cancer, increased suicidal thoughts and suicidal behavior, seizure disorder, angina, Tourette syndrome, heart attack, brain hemorrhage, hallucinations, liver failure, extreme personality changes, a 7X increase in sudden death and more way too much more. According to the CDC, 20% of high school students in the US have taken Ritalin or a similar prescription drug without a doctor’s prescription. Most of the kids who take these drugs without a prescription get them from family members and friends. I personally think that Ritalin and related drugs are a huge mistake in the first place.

Don't let this happen to your child...

Don’t let this happen to your child…

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Have you noticed food prices lately?

There is a new looming crisis at hand – soaring food prices! Food prices have jumped almost 20% since December of 2013 – a mere 5 months. And, the experts are saying that it will probably get worse before it gets better – if it ever does get better. This blows the doors off of the dire USDA prediction of a whopping 3% rise in food prices for 2014. Food prices went up, but did your income increase at all? In the midst of glowing economic growth reports and fluffy unemployment numbers, did anyone factor in runaway inflation? A few reasons for this exorbitant rise in food prices are that California produces the most vegetables in the good old US of A and is going through the worst drought in its history, fuel prices are on the rise again – plus – the grand-total US cattle herd is also the smallest it has been since 1951. Time for some good old urban chickens and planter-box veggie gardens if you ask me.

You can't eat gold but it might help feed you these days...

You can’t eat gold but it might help feed you these days…

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Flu or norovirus?

The common flu often gets the rap that norovirus should. Norovirus is the “winter vomiting disease” first described by a pediatrician in 1929. Noroviruses are not the flu though many people call it the flu without knowing the difference. Norovirus is actually viral gastroenteritis, sometimes called food poisoning because it can spread in the food-service industry due to unwashed hands. What the norovirus infection actually does is cause gastroenteritis, which is an inflammation of the stomach and the intestines. The flu (influenza) is a respiratory illness caused by influenza virus. The typical characteristics of the norovirus are nausea, vomiting and diarrhea whereas the flu includes body aches, coughing, sore throat, and runny nose. Flu victims can also experience nausea, but the norovirus does not present any symptoms outside of the stomach and intestines.

Norovirus is the "vomit zone".

Norovirus is the “vomit zone”.

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How to take your tryptophan

 Tryptophan is a precursor to serotonin, which induces sleep and tranquility in the brain. Supplementing with tryptophan is a safe and cost-effective treatment for nervousness, insomnia, stress, depression and medically for Serotonin Deficiency Syndrome. The symptoms of a tryptophan shortage include nervousness, anxiety, sleep disorders, mood disorders, and excessive appetite. According to medical research, tryptophan is the amino acid most commonly deficient in our diet that is also the precursor to serotonin. Tryptophan dosage typically starts low and work up to the ideal dosage. Start with 500 mg and work up to 500 mg per 50-pounds of body weight. Always take tryptophan with a vitamin B-complex for optimal absorption. Two months of consistent use is required to gain the full benefit of tryptophan.

Tryptophan helps depression naturally

Tryptophan helps depression naturally

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Herd mentality

Last year, 175 people in the US came down with measles. The feds are squealing “epidemic” and blaming anti-vaccers for this near-pandemic, citing failed “herd immunity” as the cause of this. Really? Well over 85% of the measles victims were already vaccinated so why did they contract measles? And since when does 175 people out of over 313 million people become a crisis? 2 out of 5 Americans coming down with cancer – that’s a crisis. A 30% increase in autism in 1 year – that’s an epidemic. Child obesity out if control – now there’s a huge problem. Measles is caused by a vitamin A shortage, poor diets, and  weak immune systems – not by a lack of vaccines. Besides, vaccine “herd immunity” is just a theory from the 1930s (way before measles vaccines) that said that epidemics of measles only occurred when natural immunity levels in the “herd” of children fell below 68%. How that got morphed to 95% of the vaccinated public I have never found out…

Maybe the whole "herd" thing is just a bad hypothesis?

Maybe the whole “herd” thing is just a bad hypothesis?

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Tobacco companies want to ban the smoking bans

Anti-smoking laws for public places and workplaces in both the US and Europe were quickly followed by significant drops in preterm births and child asthma hospitalization. Asthma and preterm births both dropped by 10% within the first year of smoke-free laws coming into effect – low infant birth weight rates also dropped by 5% in the first year of smoking bans. Even still, 40% of children worldwide are exposed to second-hand smoke regularly and only 16% of the world’s population is covered by comprehensive smoke-free laws. Most studies to date have only looked at adult outcomes with smoking bans while children account for over 25% of all smoking-related deaths. It is estimated that over half of all healthy years of life lost due to exposure to second-hand smoke occurs among children. In their own defense, tobacco companies are citing economic harm to restaurants, bars, casinos and related industries as a reason to revoke smoking ban laws. Ummm, really??

Kind of a weak argument wouldn't you say?

Kind of a weak argument wouldn’t you say?

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Cholesterol and cancer

Lowering your cholesterol with drugs raises your cancer risk. Yet another recent study links artificially low LDL levels with an increased risk of developing cancer. In fact, more than 20 studies have been done on the cholesterol/ cancer association – and the overall majority linked cancer with low cholesterol. Certain cholesterol-lowering drugs called statins (such as atorvastatin, cerivastatin, lovastatin, pravastatin, simvastatin) also deplete levels of cancer fighting CoQ10 in the body. If your doc has you on a statin drug without requiring CoQ10 also, they are very bad doctors. Besides this, statin drugs also wrecks the sex life, tanks cognitive function, wastes muscles, causes headaches and many more bad things. Don’t believe the shining studies that highlight one “positive effect” or another of a statin drug. Look at the big picture. Besides, why is your cholesterol high in the first place?

Think for yourself

Think for yourself

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Vegetarians live longer – but…

Did you know that a strict vegetarian lifestyle can both save your life and wreck it? When you are ill, a drastic diet change can turn the tides on chronic diseases like cancer, diabetes, major depression and almost any other ill. But, a long-term strict vegetarian diet can actually be dangerous – leading to poorer general health, diminished quality of life and both physical and mental problems. On one hand, vegetarians smoke less, drink less alcohol, exercise more, eat less fat, eat more fruits and veggies, get more exercise, have lower BMIs, avoid vaccines more and have higher socioeconomic achievement. On the other hand, vegetarians suffer both heart attacks and cancer at 50% higher rates, have double the allergies, require more medical treatment and suffer significantly more mental health problems then omnivores. Bottom line: correlation is not causation. The average vegetarian lives 6-9 years longer because they have a generally healthier lifestyle than the average omnivore. Something to ponder…

All things in moderation - including moderation.

All things in moderation – including moderation.

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The perfect infant formula

Breastfeeding reduces the risk of the child developing obesity before the age of 20. Critical nutrition during the first two years of life has long-term consequences on health that can persist into adulthood. A study that began in 1984 also clearly shows that higher fat intake at 2 years of age also brings a reduction in fat mass at 20 years of age. Well, breast milk is naturally high in fat with a small proportion of protein. High fat content is prerequisite to meeting a child’s high energy requirements for growth and the rapid development of the brain and central nervous system. Don’t even presume to have a healthier child by feeding low-fat, low-calorie, high protein food products because restricting fats at critical phases of development program the child’s metabolism makes it more likely to become overweight later. Take a lesson from God’s recipe: – breast milk! The perfect formulation for growing infants.

You cannot improve on the original formula.

You cannot improve on the original formula.

Lemon balm – AKA – Melissa officinalis – is well-known as an anxiety-reducing herb that calms the mind and relaxes tension in the body. The relaxing effects of Melissa officinalis helps overcome insomnia and increases drowsiness. Other benefits include wound healing, pain reduction, apatite improvement, and even to treat insect bites and stings. Lemon balm has been in use since before the Middle Ages. Essential oil of Lemon balm can be diffused for an air purifier or for aromatherapy, blended into topical ointments and creams or applied directly to the skin when cut with coconut oil. The dried leaf can be made into tea, added to a poultice for wound and bruise treatment or capsulized for oral consumption. Lemon balm is easy to grow and makes a wonderful cooking herb also.
#lemonbalm #melissaofficinalis #anxiety #relax #insectbite #poultice #woundcare

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Cancer can be caused by a vitamin A deficiency

Want to prevent cancer? Then load up on vitamin A. Vitamin A can actually help turn pre-cancer cells back to normal cells, according to the International Journal of Oncology. But vitamin A does very little to treat full-blown cancer. The key is in prevention of course. Could cancer be a symptom of vitamin A deficiency? Normal cells undergo many changes before they become cancerous or aggressively metastatic, but scientists recently found that vitamin A only helps healthy and precancerous cells. Vitamin A actually helps precancerous cells to change their genetic signature back to normal by modulating the epigenome. Vitamin A is required for health skin and other epithelial cells (like the lining of the gut and the lungs). Even contracting measles has been associated with vitamin A deficiency. Vitamin A helps with hair loss. Slow healing cuts and scrapes? Could be you are vitamin A deficient.

Vitamin A: can't survive without it!

Vitamin A: can’t survive without it!

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Polio paralysis by vaccine?

You were never told about the countless people who developed paralysis after being vaccinated against polio. David Bodian, M.D., Ph.D., at Johns Hopkins University told the International Poliomyelitis Conference in the year before the polio vaccine was introduced that vaccines “may be causing polio.” The Salk vaccine was introduced in 1955 and by 1956, many states reported sharp increases in polio rates – up to 645% more polio – because of the polio vaccine program. In fact, Idaho and Utah both halted polio vaccines because of the inordinate increase in polio cases and deaths from the vaccines. A Congressional testimony in 1962 said there were sharp increases in polio rates from 1957-1959 and that the Public Health Service had conducted a whitewash to suppress this knowledge. Big Pharma money has effectively rewritten vaccine history and consequent generations have bought into this wholesale.

History is rewritten all the time...

History is rewritten all the time…

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The root of all pain

Inflammation is the root of all pain. Inflammation equals pain – joint pain in particular. Redness and swelling are inflammatory problems associated with pain. Arthritis is pain in the joints related to inflammation. Even aging is a consequence of inflammation. In fact, controlling inflammation is the key to aging gracefully and staying healthy. But inflammation is not a disease to be treated with chemicals. Oh sure, throw some chemicals at arthritis and the “pain and inflammation” leave for a short time to relocate in the liver and kidneys. That’s the way it is with modern medicine: treat the symptoms and call yourself a doctor. We absolutely have to wake up! Inflammation is caused by things we eat, goop we smear on, noxious air we breathe, poisonous chemicals we swallow and inject, and also by simply existing in our highly toxic environment. Treat the cause of inflammation and the inflammation will naturally disappear.

How do we escape our environment?

How do we escape our environment?

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Green tea on your mind

Green tea has been thoroughly studied in cancer research and found to help reduce cancer risk. Researchers are now reporting that green tea extract can also enhance cognitive functions, in particular the working memory. Green tea works by increasing the brain’s connectivity in the influence that one brain area has over another area. This positive connectivity leads to improvement in cognitive performance and significantly better working memory tasks. Both green tea and its extracts have long been used to prevent and treat hyperlipidemia, hypertension, atherosclerosis and cancer. Green tea can positively affect mood and enhance glucose tolerance. Theaflavin enriched green tea extract is known to lower bad cholesterol levels. Green tea extracts can be used topically to treat sunburn and even treat external genital and perianal warts.

It's surprising what green tea can do for you!

It’s surprising what green tea can do for you!

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A vote for GMO-free

When you spend money on anything, you are helping to shape the world you live in. Spending money is just like voting. Every dollar you spend on GMO food tells the industry that you don’t mind eating their genetically modified garbage. If the majority of people suddenly started “voting” for organic, nutrient-dense food, the markets would change overnight. Call your congressman daily, lobby all you want to the government, pass all the labeling laws you can, but money is the only vote that will turn the tides on our sickened food supply. Who says GMOs are safe anyhow? Monsanto says they are safe in spite of independent studies to the contrary. When it comes to genetically modified crops and foods, we are seriously gullible and have only a clue as to what the long term effects will be. I know where to spend my vote!

Quit complaining and vote!

Quit complaining and vote!

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Who is feeding these kids?

The latest study, published April 7 in JAMA Pediatrics, has found that ALL categories of child obesity in the US have increased over the last 14 years. This flies in the face of Michelle Obama’s very recent claim to have reduced child obesity by 43% in 4 years with her programs. Worse than this, extreme obesity is rising the fastest and is associated with heart disease and diabetes risk in children and adolescents. Around 30% of US children were overweight in 2012 and 17.3% of children ages 2-19 were classified obese with 2.1% extremely obese. To put this in stark perspective, in 1974 only 4.0% of children were obese. Fast foods along with cheap and highly superficial processed foods are mostly to blame. Don’t these children know how to feed themselves? Oh wait, they don’t.

Now I ask you; is this the kid's fault?

Now I ask you; is this the kid’s fault?

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Pesticide polio

Jonas Salk and the polio vaccine were credited for the end of the polio epidemic. Did you know that the real rise of polio in the 1950s coincided with the increased use of pesticides which were actually byproducts of chemical weapons manufactured during World War II? Pesticides have long been known to increase susceptibility to viral infections. In the 1950s, one of the biggest exposures to pesticides came through milk that was heavily contaminated with pesticides. Polio was actually transmitted through contaminated milk, along with tuberculosis, typhoid fever, scarlet fever, septic sore throat, diphtheria and infantile diarrhea. Tonsillectomy patients who ate ice cream right after surgery had a greater chance of contracting bulbar poliomyelitis. But the pharmaceutical companies funded the writings on the history of polio and its treatment to present drugs in the best possible light. In 1977, Jonas Salk admitted that mass inoculations caused most of the polio cases since 1971.

Delivering diseases compliments of war chemicals...

Delivering diseases compliments of war chemicals…

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Tired, sedentary and obese

Are you tired and sedentary? A not-so-shocking study from UCLA shows us what we already knew – that being overweight makes you tired and sedentary. The real news is that junk food caused the whole problem in this study when a basically unprocessed diet went head-to-head with the junk food diet. To add to the injury, researchers also found that fatigue may result from a junk food diet. “One diet led to obesity, the other didn’t,” says professor Blaisdell of UCLA’s Brain Research Institute. Not surprisingly, the researchers also found that the junk food diet brought more and larger cancer tumors. The more nutritious diet had fewer and smaller cancer tumors. Conclusions from this study was that there is no “quick-fix” for this problem but it takes discipline, commitment and time to break out of unhealthy patterns.

And nearly dead...

And nearly dead…

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Fukushima cancer has just begin

Cancer rates are now nearly four times higher than world average near the Fukushima disaster site. In fact, cancer rates have been rising all across the region. But this is just the beginning of woes as it will take a couple of decades for the people originally affected to present with cancer. Tests are also showing that many people are now also suffering increased thyroid damage among people who once lived in close proximity to the plant. Of course, the Japanese government has continually downplayed the severity of the disaster situation, and keep citing that “further investigations are needed” in a vain attempt to avert the blame from the Fukushima disaster. Hiroshima, Chernobyl, Fukushima – what have we learned? We haven’t learned our lesson yet…

Tragedy made much much worse by the follies of man.

Tragedy made much much worse by the follies of man.

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What is vitamin C good for?

Vitamin C is critical for healthy teeth & gums and is totally necessary for the proper functioning of your immune system. Muscle aches, joint pain? Vitamin C is also required for the production of healthy collagen and for strong ligaments. Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant (free radical fighter) that can stop the growth of cancer cells. This essential vitamin enhances the absorption of iron, B-12, Folate (folic acid), B-6 and vitamin E. Healthy mammals that produce their own vitamin C – and weigh about 150 lbs (close to human weight) – produce up to 14,000 mg per day! This makes an RDA of 95mg of vitamin C insanely low. In this case, RDA means Ridiculously Deficient Amounts! Avoid sodium C and calcium C if you can and opt for ascorbic acid with rose hips. Take vitamin C to bowel tolerance and cut back a little if you experience loose stools, gassiness or bloating from it. Take only the corn free stuff to avoid GMO based vitamin C – which is over 90% of all vitamin C out there.

Linus Pauling knew all of this long time ago

Linus Pauling knew all of this long time ago

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