Who is feeding these kids?

The latest study, published April 7 in JAMA Pediatrics, has found that ALL categories of child obesity in the US have increased over the last 14 years. This flies in the face of Michelle Obama’s very recent claim to have reduced child obesity by 43% in 4 years with her programs. Worse than this, extreme obesity is rising the fastest and is associated with heart disease and diabetes risk in children and adolescents. Around 30% of US children were overweight in 2012 and 17.3% of children ages 2-19 were classified obese with 2.1% extremely obese. To put this in stark perspective, in 1974 only 4.0% of children were obese. Fast foods along with cheap and highly superficial processed foods are mostly to blame. Don’t these children know how to feed themselves? Oh wait, they don’t.

Now I ask you; is this the kid's fault?

Now I ask you; is this the kid’s fault?

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Pesticide polio

Jonas Salk and the polio vaccine were credited for the end of the polio epidemic. Did you know that the real rise of polio in the 1950s coincided with the increased use of pesticides which were actually byproducts of chemical weapons manufactured during World War II? Pesticides have long been known to increase susceptibility to viral infections. In the 1950s, one of the biggest exposures to pesticides came through milk that was heavily contaminated with pesticides. Polio was actually transmitted through contaminated milk, along with tuberculosis, typhoid fever, scarlet fever, septic sore throat, diphtheria and infantile diarrhea. Tonsillectomy patients who ate ice cream right after surgery had a greater chance of contracting bulbar poliomyelitis. But the pharmaceutical companies funded the writings on the history of polio and its treatment to present drugs in the best possible light. In 1977, Jonas Salk admitted that mass inoculations caused most of the polio cases since 1971.

Delivering diseases compliments of war chemicals...

Delivering diseases compliments of war chemicals…

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Tired, sedentary and obese

Are you tired and sedentary? A not-so-shocking study from UCLA shows us what we already knew – that being overweight makes you tired and sedentary. The real news is that junk food caused the whole problem in this study when a basically unprocessed diet went head-to-head with the junk food diet. To add to the injury, researchers also found that fatigue may result from a junk food diet. “One diet led to obesity, the other didn’t,” says professor Blaisdell of UCLA’s Brain Research Institute. Not surprisingly, the researchers also found that the junk food diet brought more and larger cancer tumors. The more nutritious diet had fewer and smaller cancer tumors. Conclusions from this study was that there is no “quick-fix” for this problem but it takes discipline, commitment and time to break out of unhealthy patterns.

And nearly dead...

And nearly dead…

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Fukushima cancer has just begin

Cancer rates are now nearly four times higher than world average near the Fukushima disaster site. In fact, cancer rates have been rising all across the region. But this is just the beginning of woes as it will take a couple of decades for the people originally affected to present with cancer. Tests are also showing that many people are now also suffering increased thyroid damage among people who once lived in close proximity to the plant. Of course, the Japanese government has continually downplayed the severity of the disaster situation, and keep citing that “further investigations are needed” in a vain attempt to avert the blame from the Fukushima disaster. Hiroshima, Chernobyl, Fukushima – what have we learned? We haven’t learned our lesson yet…

Tragedy made much much worse by the follies of man.

Tragedy made much much worse by the follies of man.

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What is vitamin C good for?

Vitamin C is critical for healthy teeth & gums and is totally necessary for the proper functioning of your immune system. Muscle aches, joint pain? Vitamin C is also required for the production of healthy collagen and for strong ligaments. Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant (free radical fighter) that can stop the growth of cancer cells. This essential vitamin enhances the absorption of iron, B-12, Folate (folic acid), B-6 and vitamin E. Healthy mammals that produce their own vitamin C – and weigh about 150 lbs (close to human weight) – produce up to 14,000 mg per day! This makes an RDA of 95mg of vitamin C insanely low. In this case, RDA means Ridiculously Deficient Amounts! Avoid sodium C and calcium C if you can and opt for ascorbic acid with rose hips. Take vitamin C to bowel tolerance and cut back a little if you experience loose stools, gassiness or bloating from it. Take only the corn free stuff to avoid GMO based vitamin C – which is over 90% of all vitamin C out there.

Linus Pauling knew all of this long time ago

Linus Pauling knew all of this long time ago

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Diet drinks are killing people

Postmenopausal women who slurp down two 12oz diet drinks a day are 30% more likely to have a heart attack, stroke or other cardiovascular problems compared to women who don’t do the diet drinks. The diet drinkers are also 50% more likely to die from one of these diseases. This wasn’t a study of two people either but a study of 59,614 participants for just three years. Think of the trouble they’d find in a 10 year study! Diet drinks bring on metabolic syndrome in age and any sex people that are ignorant enough to guzzle them. The secret is out! Time to stop it. NO MORE EXCUSES! People who drink this poison have a higher prevalence of diabetes, hypertension and higher body mass index. Don’t even think about coming to me with your health problems if you haven’t stopped the sugared and/or the diet drinks. You’ll be wasting both of our time.

Diet drinks have long proven that they kill and maim.

Diet drinks have long proven that they kill and maim.

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Antimicrobial hell

The latest study out of ASU shows that 40 years of antimicrobial soaps and etc. have left us with only more trouble than ever and no measurable benefits. The worst thing of all is that we now have widespread environmental contamination showing up in both wildlife and humans. The overall result is that these antimicrobials are more toxic than safe. Now, the FDA (Foot Dragging and Alibis) is finally revisiting the safety of antibacterial additives in household products, like triclocarban (TCC) and triclosan (TCS). You can find them in soaps, detergents, clothing, carpets, paints, plastics, toys, school supplies, pacifiers and even toothpaste. The FDA (Fatal Drugs Allowed) has given soap manufacturers exactly one year to prove that these chemicals are safe or take them out of their products. These chemicals represent a multi-billion dollar worldwide market so expect a lengthy court process before they are finally removed.

It's harming - not helping.

It’s harming – not helping.

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50 years of mammograms

So what has over 50 years of mammograms gotten us? A comprehensive review of 50 years of mammography studies assessing the harms versus benefits tells us that the benefits of the screening are overestimated and the harms are underestimated. This comes from Harvard and is fresh out in JAMA, so don’t blame me for the information! In 2009, the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force back-peddled from previous recommendations of screenings every year at age 40 to routine screening every two years after 50. But did the doctors heed this recommendation? Obviously not because recent evidence shows the use of mammography has not changed following those recommendations. It has to be the money because doctors are still recommending money-spinning mammograms and consequent over-diagnosis and expensive treatments to just about anything with breasts. Thermography anyone?

Mammogram or mammoscam? There are better ways to detect breast tumors.

Mammogram or mammoscam? There are better ways to detect breast tumors.

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How to eat a potato

Always eat your organic potatoes with the skin. Most of the minerals iron, calcium, fiber and especially potassium, lie in the outer one-eighth inch of the potato – AKA, the skin. Ounce for ounce, the skin is the most nutritious part of the potato. Need a potassium boost? Peel some potatoes, throw away the insides and cook the peels!. While you are prepping your potatoes, pare away any green areas, trim the bruises/blemishes and gouge out the eyes (sprouts). The green parts on a potato are from the presence of chlorophyll and too much solanine. Solanine is not only bitter tasting but it can bring headaches, cramps and diarrhea if eaten in large quantities. The eyes of the potatoes also contain lots of solanine, so you want to avoid them altogether.

Keep them organic!

Keep them organic!

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About colon cancer

Colon cancer is the second leading cause of cancer-related death in the United States with over 130,000 new diagnosed cases every year. Obesity causes changes in the colon that can predispose a person to colorectal cancer. This makes a healthy diet and exercise a key strategy to lower the risk for colon cancer. If you are not obese now, keep in mind that preexisting colon lesions will be more likely to evolve rapidly into malignant tumors if you should become obese. Some of the symptoms of colorectal cancer to watch for are: changes in stools and bowel habits, such as diarrhea, constipation, or narrowing of the stool, that lasts for more than a few days, feeling constipated after bowel movements, rectal bleeding, blood in stools or black stools, persistent cramping or abdominal pain, ongoing weakness, fatigue and unintended weight loss. Change your lifestyle now – before something like colon cancer gets a grip on you.

We  should pay more attention to our body functions.

We should pay more attention to our body functions.

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Why the vitamin D shortage?

Vitamin D is critical for immune system function. Studies show a link between low vitamin D levels and the risk of coming down with influenza. Vitamin D works within the immune system to reduce levels of inflammatory proteins as well as increase amounts of antimicrobial proteins to destroy invading pathogens. This is a one-two punch to fight infections. Vitamin D deficiency is also a huge player in cancer because vitamin D receptors are found on the surface of cells to direct a cell to either divide or die. In addition to helping to stave off flu and fight cancer, adequate vitamin D levels protect against heart disease, osteoporosis, seasonal affective disorder, premature aging and many other health problems. Why are we as a race of humans becoming so deficient in vitamin D these days? I blame glyphosate (Roundup) that is now ubiquitous in our environment. Glyphosate hinders the body’s ability to synthesize vitamin D.

Vitamin D is free if you know where to get it!

Vitamin D is free if you know where to get it!

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Low cost sweetener – high cost health

High-fructose corn syrup (HFCS) is the single most popular sweetener used by food manufacturers. It is cheaper and much sweeter than regular sugar but is also much more dangerous to your health than sugar. The average American consumes up to a half-cup HFCS every day. Interestingly, the spike in the consumption of HFCS has paralleled the spike in obesity over the last 30 years. The cheapest way to manufacture HFCS is by the low-cost, mercury-cell technology. This outdated method leaves mercury present in half of the foods that are made with HFCS according to a 2009 study. Furthermore, HFCS is metabolized exclusively by the liver which leaves the burden of detoxing the body of HFCS totally on liver – like it has nothing better to do… The problem really compounds when the liver sluffs the GMO-rife HFCS into fat cells when it can’t keep up with the toxic load.

Killer sweet that high fructose corn syrup!

Killer sweet that high fructose corn syrup!

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Oxidative stress gone wild

The MTHFR gene makes an enzyme called methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase that plays a role in processing amino acids and is very important for the formation of the B-vitamin, folate. MTHFR gene mutation also lowers your ability to make glutathione which makes the victim more susceptible to stress and less tolerant to toxins. This causes accumulations of toxins in the body, increases oxidative stress, and leads to inflammation, premature aging, chronic diseases and cancer. Anomalies in this critical gene also bring other chronic illnesses like: fibromyalgia, irritable bowel syndrome, migraines, chemical sensitivity, miscarriages and blood clots. This MTHFR problem is a fairly recent health crisis plague brought on by out inordinate affairs with toxic vaccine ingredients and many other chemicals in our diets and environment that alter epigenetics.

Once again, we've done this to ourselves...

Once again, we’ve done this to ourselves…

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Flu virus smarts

Which is smarter? The flu virus or all the Big Pharma scientists in the world put together? Why, the flu virus of course! The best chemical solution that scientists have come up with so far is Tamiflu. But the virus is smarter than Tamiflu and quickly develops drug resistance and continues to multiply by several generations in a single day. When Tamiflu was used for the first time on a very wide scale in 2008, resistant strains of the virus appeared within a few weeks. Newly discovered mutations are reason for high level concern for drug scientists because they can allow the virus to be chemical resistant while maintaining an elevated reproductive capacity. Besides all that, now they really have to guess for the next flu vaccine. You know what is smarter than the flu virus? The human immune system, good nutrition and the right herbs.

Buy a clue: Herbs work, chemicals - not so much...

Buy a clue: Herbs work, chemicals – not so much…

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How to reduce your death risk

42%. That’s the rate of risk of death reduction you gain by eating seven or more portions of fruits and vegetables a day. A recent 12-year study of over 65,000 people found that the more fruit and vegetables people ate, the less likely they were to die at any age. Eating seven or more portions of fresh fruits and vegetables reduced cancer by 25% and death by heart disease by 31%. Just eating up to three portions a day brought a 29% reduction in death from all causes. Interestingly, this study also showed that vegetables brought quadruple the benefits over fruit. Processed fruit juice brought no benefit at all and canned fruit increased risk of death by 17% per portion. Moral of this story? Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables.

This can't be that hard?

This can’t be that hard?

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A plethora of woes

What could cause hypothyroidism, memory loss, fibromyalgia, painful feet/hands, irritability, muscle weakness, episodes of confusion/disorientation, food intolerances, frequent infections or skin rashes? How about mercury poisoning as a number one suspect? Where does said mercury come from? How about dental amalgam fillings, contaminated seafood, vaccines, medications and high fructose corn syrup? Wait, what?! Yes, high fructose corn syrup!  Dental amalgams are up to 50% mercury and continually leach mercury into the body. Seafoods with the most mercury include mackerel, shark, swordfish and tilefish. Lower mercury types of seafood include herring, pollock, salmon, sardines, shrimp and tilapia. Vaccines and medications… Well yah, mercury is used as a disinfectant in pharmaceutical processes. If left untreated, mercury raises the risk of Alzheimer’s disease, heart attacks, diabetes and cancer.

This is not going to just go away...

This is not going to just go away…

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Clove oil for toothaches

Clove oil cut with a carrier oil – like coconut oil – makes a great topical analgesic. You can also temporarily alleviate toothache pain by dabbing some clove oil on a cotton ball and placing it on the sore tooth. Clove oil can help alleviate infections in the tooth root and gums. For sore gums, rub some clove oil on them with your finger. Cloves are natural painkillers that attack germs and make a wonderful cure to help get rid of a sore throat. A regular cup of clove tea can be used to kill off bad intestinal bacteria and balance good bacteria. Clove tea relaxes the smooth lining of the GI tract to help alleviate vomiting, diarrhea, intestinal gas and stomachaches. This tea is also great for drinking to remedy or prevent, colds and flu and is an expectorant, making it easier to cough up phlegm. Clove oil mixed with coconut oil reduces inflammation when rubbed on sore muscles or massaged in for arthritis and rheumatism.

There's a natural remedy for that!

There’s a natural remedy for that!

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Eating like a cave man

The absolutely most important dietary change with the Paleo diet is the elimination of all grains. Gone are the breads, pastas, rolls, cereals, pastries, cakes, cookies and even beer. These processed products not only contain problematic gluten and killer GMOs, they also have excessive amounts of cheap sugars and starches that lead to disease-causing inflammation and unhealthy weight gain. The heck of it is that none of go to live in caves and no one can really mimic a true “Paleo” diet without eating some grub worms. Even though the critics are rallying against this diet, the people who adhere to it lose their digestive ailments, chronic fatigue, headaches, arthritis pain, asthma, diabetes, even their cancer. So, laugh at the cave man diet while you want to but don’t knock it ‘til you’ve tried it!

What would a cave man eat?

What would a cave man eat?

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Inflammation’s good side

Inflammation lies at the root of cancer and most chronic diseases. A little inflammation is a disease-fighting tool that naturally helps facilitate restoration and regeneration of tissues. A little inflammation helps our bodies fight fungus, bacteria, parasites and other infectious agents. In other words, inflammation in response to an injury or an insult to the body is only supposed to be temporary while the immune system and the anabolic pathways restore health. Dr. Samuel Hahnemann MD in the 19th century said “All symptoms are healing gestures.” The chronic disease problem arises when inflammation is constantly present because chronic inflammation destroys health. Chemical medicines actually cause inflammation and suppress symptoms and give temporary (or so it seems) relief but not a long-term solution. Find the cause and fix it!

Inflammation's bad side...

Inflammation’s bad side…

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An herb for all that ails you

Melissa officinalis is a natural herb plant that has a treasure trove of healing properties. Melissa is great for treating viral infections like mumps, measles, flu, colds, herpes and even HPV. Melissa also treats insomnia, stomach problems, poor concentration, and venomous bites. In fact, there is virtually no ailment that won’t respond to or can’t be treated with Melissa officinalis oil. The terpenes in Melissa brings calming and carminative properties. Flavonoids, tannins and phenolic acids in Melissa contribute to its antiviral and anticancer properties. You can combine Melissa combined with valerian root for a safe and effective treatment for insomnia – even in restless children. In the digestive tract, Melissa works to increase appetite while it alleviates symptoms of colitis, heartburn, inflammation of the colon and even GERD. Excessive thyroid production in Grave’s Disease can be blocked with Melissa officinalis oil. Because Melissa is adaptogenic, it also raises thyroid production in the hypothyroid. Try some! You won’t be disappointed.

The superherb of all herbs.

The superherb of all herbs.

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