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Pesticides: Putting the H in ADHD

The chemical industry has cleverly played the use of pyrethroid pesticides as a safer residential alternative to other commercial pesticides. But, this is what you get with the latest and greatest “safe” chemical pesticide: A new study has documented the … Continue reading

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Would you take cyanide in your vitamins?

50% of Americans have a vitamin B12 deficiency and would benefit from a B12 boost – that is, if they take a form of B12 not made with cyanide. Yes, you heard me right – and most of the vitamin … Continue reading

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Colloidal silver fights it all!

Just how does colloidal silver work? Colloidal silver binds with the oxygen carriers in bacteria, causing bacteria to die very quickly from oxygen starvation. Viruses also succumb to colloidal silver in the same manner, making colloidal silver the weapon of … Continue reading

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The Gardasil boomerang

Ladies, parents, you’ve been lied to, you’ve been sold a bill of goods – and you’ve been poisoned. The latest study shows that while the HPV vaccine Gardasil “protects” against four strains of HPV it simultaneously puts vaccinated women at … Continue reading

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