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Killer stress

Relaxing after a hard day’s work helps prevent the release of excess stress hormone cortisol. Cortisol is what your body releases when it is stressed. Having small amounts of cortisol is not a problem until the stress becomes persistent and … Continue reading

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A fighting chance against cancer

It takes a brave act to forego chemo/radiation treatments for cancer. Mainstream medicine and its avid followers will do everything in their power to shame you or scare you into these life-stealing treatments. Bravery aside, you will probably not live … Continue reading

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Deadlier than Ebola

Does Ebola kill the most victims or does standard medical treatment kill more? The latest Ebola outbreak has caused more deaths than any other on record with up to 90% of infected people dying from it – or are they … Continue reading

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The amazing benefits of hyaluronic acid

Hyaluronic acid – HA – is a water holding molecule that works as a “space filler” and cushioning agent in the body. HA cushions the joints and nerves, hydrates the skin and hair, and also fills the eye. HA is … Continue reading

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Soy does NOT the body good

The latest on soy is that it alters the expression of genes associated with breast cancer – and not in a good way… The Journal of the National Cancer Institute recently published a randomized, placebo-controlled study of the effects of … Continue reading

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Antimicrobials are harmful

The US FDA (Fools and Dummies Association) just can’t decide if common antibacterial, antimicrobial compounds (used in everything from hand sanitizers to deodorants) are causing health problems or not. Meanwhile, scientists are reporting that many pregnant women and their fetuses … Continue reading

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Fibroid tumors have causes too

Uterine fibroids are actually are benign tumors in the uterus. Although they are made from the same smooth muscle fibers as the uterine wall, uterine fibroids are usually round and denser than normal tissue and can cause abnormal bleeding, pain … Continue reading

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Tattoo toxicology

The toxicology of tattoos is very poorly understood with long-term health problems like chronic disease, low thyroid, diabetes, cancer, birth defects, and reproductive harm now tied back to the ink used for tattoos. Titanium, aluminum antimony, arsenic, beryllium, chromium, cobalt, … Continue reading

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