Growing older, sleeping less

As you grow older are you getting more sleepless? Scientists studied how lipoic acid can reset the body’s biological clock-circadian rhythm. Lipoic acid actually helped restore a more normal circadian rhythm in older animals even while it helped with stress resistance, cardiac function, hormonal balance, muscle performance, glucose metabolism and the whole aging process in general. Some one-third of our genes are directly influenced by circadian rhythms and when the circadian rhythm goes whack, the body is more susceptible to cancer, heart disease, liver dysfunction, inflammation, hormonal imbalance and many other diseases. The body normally produces the active “R” form of lipoic acid. Alpha lipoic acid is a combo of the natural and the synthetic forms of lipoic acid. Studies show that R-lipoic acid benefits kick in at about 600mg a day – much more than you can usually get in a healthy diet.

Resetting the clock!

Resetting the clock!

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Corticosteroids for asthma treatment

Children with asthma treated with corticosteroid drugs can have suppressed growth according to The Cochrane Review. Studies find that children’s growth slows within the first year of treatment. Corticosteroids only treat the symptoms and while they can prevent death from an asthma attack, they never solve the problem – only make new ones like: obesity, convulsions, depression, euphoria, insomnia, mood swings, and personality changes. The worse side effect of corticosteroids are that they suppress the immune system. I’ve found that a majority of asthma cases improve tremendously going off of sugar, gluten and casein. Some even resolve completely. The big question is: why the increased numbers of asthma cases these days? I blame both vaccines and chemical-laden processed foods for most asthma cases. Another big factor in asthma is a hypo thyroid. If your child has asthma you can actually do lots of simple things to improve their condition – or, just keep on medicating them.

Heaven forbid that we change the lifestyle and diet to lessen the need for drugs...

Heaven forbid that we change the lifestyle and diet to lessen the need for drugs…

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When your popcorn is killing you

Popcorn is a great snack cooked up in some organic grapeseed oil, slathered with melted organic butter and dusted with sea salt. Yum! But, bags of nuked popcorn; you know, the 2 minute variety, is a whole different story. First off, the butter flavoring in microwave popcorn uses a nasty chemical called diacetyl – which is linked to lung disease. And that’s just the first problem… The bags it is popped in are made with the non-stick Teflon PFOA and can cause cancer, thyroid disease, child development problems, birth defects and increases infertility by 154%. Nuking the microwave popcorn sends the Teflon chemicals into the popcorn and eventually into the blood. Most of the cancers from PFOA manifests in the liver, pancreas, testicles, prostate and mammary glands. And movie popcorn… don’t even get me started on how bad that one is. When we go to the movies, we take our own organic popped popcorn with us. No one has turned us away from the theater yet.

This is so wrong on many levels...

This is so wrong on many levels…

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Dying from lack of nutrition in the hospital

If you are in the hospital you just want to get better. So what do they feed you? Crap… Over 90% of all diseases are diet and nutrition related. So, how are you going to get better if you are still eating the same stuff that got you ill in the first place? It really is a simple little formula: Dieticians feed a crowd of patients, visitors, staff and various other people on a budget with “X” amount of dollars to spend within a broken food pyramid. Just when you need targeted nutrition to recover your health, you get a standard American diet or worse. Standard food quite likely put you in the living morgue in the first place. For sure, a lack of drugs and surgery didn’t bring you this health crisis! One good nutritionist can save your life. A nutritionist will look specifically at you, your crisis, your lifestyle and diet and develop a health plan that will begin to reverse the process of disease. Remember; THERE ARE NO SHORTCUTS! So quit praying for a miracle drug to cure your problem and “Go thy way and sin no more”. Nothing changes if nothing changes…

People often get better in spite of medical treatment...

People often get better in spite of medical treatment…

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3/4 of children don’t eat enough fruits and vegetables

Only one out of every four children actually get enough fruits and vegetables in their daily diet. Less than half of all children eat fruit every day and a little over half of all children eat vegetables daily. Children need between 3-5 servings of vegetables and 2-4 servings of fruit daily for optimal health. In general, children do usually eat more fruit than vegetables because fruit is often more readily available and tastier. Child or adult; eating plenty of fruit and vegetables in the daily diet reduces heart disease, stroke, diabetes and cancer rates. The World Health Organization recommends daily intake of 400 grams of fruit and vegetables total. I’d say that this is a minimum to just maintain health – that is, if you are already healthy…

I don't know if I can blame her...

I don’t know if I can blame her…

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Essential oils can be used to preserve food

Did anyone tell you that essential oils make great food preservatives? A study in the Journal of Food Science shows how essential oils can be used in commercial food packaging to extend the shelf-life and preserve the freshness of food products – naturally! Essential oils are concentrated extracts of aromatic liquids and volatile compounds extracted from roots, peels, leaves, seeds, fruits and bark of different plants. Essential oils are chock-full of antioxidants that scavenge free radicals, neutralize peroxides, prevent lipid oxidation, and more. Essential oils are also highly antimicrobial. Adding essential oils to food packaging is dubbed “active or smart packaging” and knocks-out germs and strengthens film stretchability while improving moisture barriers to prevent food spoilage.

Besides all that, they smell awesome!

Besides all that, they smell awesome!

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About that milk shake…

The good news is that the shake you slurp at a fast food restaurant provides about 400 mg of calcium. The bad news is that it also supplies up to 600 calories along with at least 9 grams of fat!

Watch out for the high fructose corn syrup too!

Watch out for the high fructose corn syrup too!

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Frozen blueberries are really great!

If you take your blueberries and freeze them, do you know what happens? You simply improve the already powerful antioxidant punch they have according to the latest study. The blue color in blueberries comes from anthocyanins – a group of antioxidant compounds. Freezing blueberries actually improves the availability of these antioxidants because the ice crystals that form during freezing restructure the plant tissues, making the anthocyanins more available. The best part? Even blueberries frozen for 5 months still retain their original potency. Blueberries help eliminate cancer-causing free radicals in the body and are great for your brain and nervous system along with the cardiovascular system, eyes and even the urinary tract. Could blueberries be one of the world’s healthiest food? Some people would say they are. Make mine organic of course!

It's really difficult to mess up just plain blueberries!

It’s really difficult to mess up just plain blueberries!

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Exercise burnout and overtaxing the body

Exercising daily without breaks can bring BURNOUT! Exercise burnout comes with a loss of motivation that can to lead to quitting exercise completely. Exercising day after day after day can also bring resentment towards exercise times. Dreading your workout is one of the first signs of lost momentum. Also when you exercise too hard or too long you can overtax the body and cause injury. The very nature of exercise brings stress and strain on the muscles – usually a good thing, but without sufficient rest in between workouts you can injure yourself. That being said, give it a rest every once in a while. Unless you under the guidance of a professional; try working out every other day. A brisk and lengthy walk can also be just as good for you as 20 minutes of hard working out. Walking downhill is a great workout.

Exactly like that - only different...

Exactly like that – only different…

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Are you ready to try the Mediterranean Diet?

Greek women have a 50% lower breast cancer rate and Greek men have an 80% lower incidence of prostate cancer than Americans.

Eat better, live longer-healthier.

Eat better, live longer-healthier.

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Zinc is a natural antidepressant

The latest scientific news is that zinc is one of the most important essential elements in nutrition. An adult has up to three grams of zinc in their organs, tissues, bones, fluids, and cells. But, about half of the world’s population is at risk for zinc deficiency. Did you know that a zinc deficiency is found in both Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease? Did you also know that zinc is actually a natural antidepressant? A zinc deficiency occurs in liver cirrhosis and other liver diseases and adequate zinc levels are required for the regulation of blood pressure. A mild zinc deficiency during pregnancy increases maternal morbidity, prolong gestation, cause inefficient labor, bleeding, and increased risk of harm to the fetus. Some classic symptoms of zinc deficiency are depression, lack of sense of smell, reduced immunity, delayed wound healing, slow hair growth, infertility and white flecks under the nail beds. NEVER take zinc oxide orally. Find a gluconate, glycinate, chelate or other “ate” form.

If you have even one of these spots in your nail bed, you are zinc deficient.

If you have even one of these spots in your nail bed, you are zinc deficient.

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Broke, overweight and depressed

Being broke, overweight and depressed sucks but a new study shows a way to fix two out of three of those problems. You might not get richer but you can lose weight and get happier! Duke University has helped severely economically disadvantaged obese women with their weight to significantly reduce depression in around half of them. One of the key items on the not-to-do list was NO FAST FOODS! (This makes me happier just thinking about that!) The other thing these women got was a YMCA membership to work out with. Accountability helped als0 with phone calls and a personal health coach. A whopping 20% of both the study group and the control group were moderately to severely depressed at the beginning of this study. By 18 months, 10% of the study group were not depressed any more.

Two out of three of these problems are solved really simply.

Two out of three of these problems are solved really simply.

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Passively smoking trivia:

Over 40% of young children have at least one parent who smokes. Every year some 600,000 people die worldwide from the passive inhalation of tobacco smoke.

The child has no choice but you do.

The child has no choice but you do.

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Cat’s Claw for intestinal problems, arthritis, cancer

Cat’s Claw is great for treating ulcers, irritable bowel syndrome, colitis, leaky bowel syndrome and more as it flushes pathogens and irritants from the gastro-intestinal tract. What else does this amazing herb do? Cat’s Claw defeats inflammation, supports the immune system, and even fights cancer. Scientific studies find that Cat’s Claw contains powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects that support cell division, DNA repair, joint health and helps heal wounds. Cat’s Claw is rich in more than 30 phytochemicals like: 17 different alkaloids, along with glycosides, tannins, flavonoids, sterol fractions, and other compounds. Lab results show that antioxidant power of Cat’s Claw exceeds that of many fruits, vegetables and other medicinal plant extracts. For cancer fighting, Cat’s Claw extract inhibits the production of tumor necrosis factor a, while also inhibiting the nuclear factor-kappa beta that is associated with cancer.

Another one of God's own remedies.

Another one of God’s own remedies.

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The next deadly flu outbreak

Where will the next deadly flu outbreak hit us from? Odds are one out of five that it will come from a government lab within the next decade. This is because high-security germ labs are run by people experimenting with and developing deadly flu strains. And this is what happens: Earlier this year, the USDA requested some ordinary flu virus samples from the CDC but got way more than they expected. The CDC accidentally shipped the deadly flu strain H5N1. The USDA recognized that error (supposedly) before anyone was exposed but then failed to report the incident to the head honchos for another six weeks. The CDC reports that high-containment laboratories have errors and incidents on almost a weekly basis. Recently some anthrax was mishandled and put dozens of lives at risk. We the sheople won’t have to wait for some enemy to weaponize some deadly virus or bacteria – our government will do that to us first.

Man does not die, he kills himself...

Man does not die, he kills himself…

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30 days to a less fatty liver

Just thirty days on a good supplemental probiotic helps diminish the accumulation of fat in the liver. A new study published in PLOS ONE brings us one giant step forward in the fight against Non-Alcolohic Fatty Liver Disease, obesity and diabetes. This study used a three probiotic strain to diminish the accumulation of fat in the liver of obese rats. Now granted, we are not rats but our digestive systems work very similar. Fatty accumulation in the liver is the first stage in the NAFLD and affects millions of people throughout the world. Probiotics also reduce the number of proinflamatory molecules to lower serum levels of tumor-a necrosis factor and interleukin 6. Probiotics will never cure NAFLD, cancer, diabetes or obesity by themselves, but added to healthy diet and lifestyle changes, these microorganisms can certainly help fight a good fight.

It's a great start!

It’s a great start!

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Go to the brain shrink for a good dose of brain shrink

Antipsychotic medications cause a measureable decrease in brain volume! Of course, our brains naturally lose some volume as we age, caused by lost brain cells and connections, AKA atrophy. But how many doctors will tell you that taking antipsychotic drugs will cause you to lose your brain at a faster rate? This continuous loss of billions of brain cells causes a brain volume loss of 0.7% a year. A loss of brain cells and connections in general will exacerbate cognitive problems and brain disorders – if not actually cause them… And the higher the dose of medication, the faster and greater the brain loss. According to a recent study out in PLOS ONE, the newer antipsychotics are no better for causing brain shrinking than the old ones. Is this why they call psychiatrists “shrinks”? You are so much better off running to find a good nutritionist or naturopath for disease treatment rather than acquiessing to the medical mucky mucks for disease management.

I guess it's less brain to think for yourself with.

I guess it’s less brain to think for yourself with.

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Broccoli, cauliflower, spinach, and cabbage fight bad estrogen

Broccoli, cauliflower, spinach, and cabbage are cruciferous vegetables that are anti-estrogenic and actually block environmental xenoestrogens in the body. Xenoestrogens cause things like facial hair in women and man-boobs (moobs) in men – not to mention hypothyroidism and making it very difficult to lose weight. Most of these xenoestrogens come from plastics to cause women to store belly fat and cause chronically low testosterone levels in men. Xenoestrogens are also associated with many different cancers. But cruciferous vegetables naturally contain 3,3′-Diindolylmethane or DIM for short. DIM blocks bad estrogens that accumulate in the body and is a double whammy against estrogen-driven cancers and a powerful immunostimulant. On a side-note, DIM is fat soluble, meaning you should consume it along with healthy oils and friendly fats to enhance the absorption of these healthful nutrients.

We heard about moobs back in the 90s.

We heard about moobs back in the 90s.

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What prostate cancer used to be:

Once upon a time, prostate cancer only occurred in men in their 70s and 80s. Once upon a time, prostate cancers were so slow-growing that early stage prostate cancer victims ended up dying from other causes. Once upon a time… Now the new face of prostate cancer is younger men being diagnosed with prostate cancer. Now the face of prostate cancer is that it has multiplied in younger men by 6-fold over the last 20 years. Now the face of prostate cancer is that it is more likely to be the deadly aggressive prostate cancer in these younger men. Now the face of prostate cancer is that the average survival at stage 4 is generally less than three years. Now the face of prostate cancer is that American men have a whopping 16% risk of developing prostate cancer in their lifetime. Studies show that GMOs cause prostate inflammation in about 90 days in rats. Gluten causes prostate inflammation. Plasticizers cause prostate inflammation. Vaccine adjuvants cause prostate inflammation. Did you know that cancer is a disease of inflammation? Something to think about!

The face of what used to be has changed...

The face of what used to be has changed…

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What happens when you eat GMOs?

When you eat GMO foods, does any of the unique DNA of the genetically modified organism affect you? Monsanto and other GMO companies shout NO! But the amount of DNA from food that gets past the intestines is not really looked at because it doesn’t have any significant nutritional value. But animal feeding studies show that some dietary DNA can resist the digestive process and actually make it past the intestinal barrier and into the blood. Proteins and DNA are generally thought to be completely broken down into smaller pieces of amino acids and nucleic acids to then be absorbed and distributed throughout the body via the circulation system. In a recent study, scientists have found that large DNA segments can pass from food to the circulatory system in humans. This means it would ultimately integrate with your own DNA. You are what you eat. Make it something wholesome and natural.

And it so easy to avoid - if you really want to...

And it so easy to avoid – if you really want to…

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