A not so hip problem

Really hip trivia: What’s the deal? The number of total hip replacements almost doubled in the last decade among 45-64 year oldsters according to the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons. If you are 45 years old and already need a hip hacked out of your body and replaced, what the heck are you doing to yourself to get into that condition? This is just one more indicator of the declining health in America

Hip trouble is getting younger and younger

Hip trouble is getting younger and younger

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Natural cancer killer!

Did you know that Argentina dispenses natural Pau d’Arco to patients with leukemia and cancer? Brazil sells Pau d’Arco for cancer treatment in herb stores as well as regular pharmacies. This is because Pau d’Arco is used in South America by doctors with great results in cancer treatment. The whole herb Pau d’Arco is rich in cancer-fighting compounds like lapachol, quinoids, benzenoids, flavonoids, and beta-lapachone making this wonder-herb anticandidal, antifungal, antiviral, antibacterial anti-inflammatory, antimalarial, antiparasitic, insecticidal, analgesic as well as antileukemic, antitumorous and anticancerous. Meanwhile, the National Cancer Institute (NCI) in the US wrongly declares that Pau d’Arco’s side effects are “too dangerous” for combating cancer… What the NCI is so het up about of course, is the totally synthetic and isolated big pharma version of Pau d’Arco’s naturally balanced lapachol – but they conveniently overlook that pesky and potentially costly detail. After all, if something natural works better than patented drug treatments AND the word got out – well, big pharma would lose a whole lot of credibility and money. Oh, I forgot to mention that Pau d’Arco is also anti-allergy, antiulcerous , anticoagulant, antidysenteric, antioxidant, anti-rheumatic, antivenin, astringent, cardiotonic, hepatotonic, and immunostimulant. I take mine daily in tea.

At risk: disrupting a multi-billion dollar medical scam...

At risk: disrupting a multi-billion dollar medical cancer treatment scam…

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Survive one cancer to fight another

Breast cancer survivors that go the conventional medicine route have more than a 50 times risk of now facing thyroid cancer. First the doctors slice and dice your lady parts then make you glow like a radium watch dial at night from a prolonged assault with radiation while they jack you over with chemotherapy drugs that make you sick enough to die – literally… Did you know that if you never get breast cancer, your risk of thyroid cancer is 0.3%? That’s 1 out of 300 ladies. BUT! If you are ever treated for breast cancer your 10-year chances for thyroid cancer leaps to 50 out of 300. This is IF you survive the treatments at all – which only 1.4% of chemo-treated breast cancer cases actually make it 5 years according to the publication Clinical Oncology. Truth be told, most breast tumors need no treatment at all. Breast cancer is merely a symptom of something gone awry in the body and chemotherapy, radiation and surgery never treat the root causes. If you are ever diagnosed with any type of cancer at all, beat feet to a good nutritionist post-haste and seek out a successful naturopathic physician experienced in natural cancer treatment. Or become a repeat cancer customer for the medical system until you are dead – or worse yet, sick, broke and left for dead.

The medical treatments on treat the symptoms - not the causes

The medical treatments on treat the symptoms – not the causes

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Salty advice

Salt is not bad for you. It is only the kind of salt that is bad for you. Humans cannot live without salt! In fact, the connections between salt and cardiovascular disease are only partially true for morbidly obese people. The former president of the American Society of Hypertension even says that for people who were not overweight, “the more salt you eat, the less likely you are to die.” The Lancet concluded that people “who eat lots of salt live longer than those who avoid it.” (In that study, 25% percent of people who consumed the lowest amount of salt also had a higher risk of death.) An eight-year study of hypertensives in New York shows that those on low-salt diets had over four times as many heart attacks compared to normal sodium intake. The bible requires offerings to be seasoned with salt and many societies have used salt for currency. The old expression “not worth his salt” comes from the slave trade in ancient Greece. IMO, take all low sodium advice with a health pinch of salt – just make it good ole unrefined sea salt and not the nasty processed junk that is chemically altered.

Make mine Celtic Sea Salt!

Make mine Celtic Sea Salt!

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Trolling the internet trolls

Vituperate is what an internet troll does. I should know; I have block list with well over a thousand of them on it. An internet troll is someone who interrupts an online discussion with posts and comments that hijack and upset the conversation. Easy to spot, they will lie, exaggerate and defame to generate a response and derail a thread. What you should know is that researchers studied cybertrolls to conclude that the kind of people that indulge in this habit are actually manifesting common, everyday sadism. This is a for-real study published in a recent issue of Personality and Individual Differences. Actual internet trolls were tested and found to also exhibit the personality traits of narcissism, Machiavellianism and psychopathy along with the sadism. In fact, the study authors said that internet trolls assessment scores were so strong that “online trolls are prototypical everyday sadists.” Just assume that the annoying troll crashing your favorite site is simply mentally ill and it’s not your job to reform them. Do like I do: click-ban-click-delete – enough said…

Don't feed the trolls!

Don’t feed the trolls!

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Dying over allergies trivia:

Death from allergic reactions due to drugs has more than doubled in the last 10 years. Now hear this! Around 60% of all fatal allergic reactions are caused by drugs – not food allergies. In fact, only 7% of all allergy fatalities are caused by foods with bites and stings rounding in at 15%. Of course, in the national registry for anaphylaxis deaths caused by allergic reactions, the drugs that killed are almost never named and when they are, a majority of them are prescription antibiotics.

Allergic reactions can be deadly...

Antibiotics: Anti(against) Bio(life)                                     Allergic reactions can be deadly…



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Why we need selenium

Selenium is a vital antioxidant that protects cells from damage. Selenium is also required for the regulation of blood clotting in the body. Selenium produces natural anti-clotting effects and a selenium deficiency causes both abnormal blood clotting and hemorrhaging. Two things come to my mind when selenium deficiency is suspected: Number one is mercury amalgam fillings as selenium binds with the constantly off-gassing mercury vapors from metal tooth fillings. The second thing that comes to mind is the rapid depletion of selenium in the body when it is attacked by viral selenoproteins. This is the main reason that Ebola and other hemorrhagic fevers produce characteristic hemorrhaging with the formation of blood clots. (You see hemorrhagic problems more among populations that suffer nutrition deficiencies.) Selenium deficiency also produces immune deficiencies that lead to cancer and many chronic immune system related diseases. Many viruses like HIV also deplete selenium and exacerbate immune problems. For the most part though, megadosing selenium would do more harm than good. Try taking 200mcg a day for general health – a little more if you have a mouthful of mercury and/or are fighting cancer.

Slow death by dentistry

Slow death by dentistry

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The price of magic blood thinning

Some drugs work like magic – but magic always comes with a price! In the latest drug-mugging, scientists are slowly discovering how anti-clotting medications help you lose your mind a little at a time. Warfarin may actually be your stand-by ticket to Alzheimer’s. Warfarin and similar rat-poison drugs work by depleting your natural vitamin K. But here’s where the problems only begin. Vitamin K is crucial for maintaining sphingomyelin that helps you remember things (dementia anyone?). Spingomyelin is also found in red blood cells (anemia anyone?) and is critical for retinal health (blindness anyone?). Did you know that a lot of victims… er, patients… are on warfarin because they have intracellular deficiencies in copper? Oh, the doctor might actually check your plasma levels for copper but they never check inside the cells where copper does its job. So, you are checked for plasma copper levels. You have plenty but your blood clots too easily, you are at risk for stroke and maybe are anemic. BLAMMO! Here comes the magic prescription pad along with Coumadin or Jantoven. Meanwhile the cause of your symptoms are escaping untreated and you are now logging more dangerous side effects than drug company package inserts have room for. Find the cause and fix it.

High price to pay for magic...

High price to pay for magic…

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Less poisonous is still poisonous

Artificial flavors and colors have been proven to cause hyperactivity long with other symptoms of ADD/ADHD. The heck of it is that there have been natural versions of these artificial additives all along. Which do you think came first anyhow? Meanwhile, Nestlé USA conducted its own marketing research to find that 60% of consumers actually prefer candy to be free of artificial flavors and colors and deem it important in food purchasing decisions. So, Nestlé decided that it will remove artificial flavors and colors from all of its chocolate candy products this year and relabel over 250 products “No Artificial Flavors or Colors”. Nice commitment there Nestlé (and it is fully appreciated by all) but how about removing the cancer-causing GMO-derived sugars and oils next? Are you still going to use chemical conditioners and other unnatural things in your chocolate? Making a product less poisonous than it already is does not a hero make.

None for my kids thank you.

None for my kids thank you.

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Flies suck…

Fly away trivia: Not only do flies spread germs by landing on unmentionables and then visiting your food but flies cannot eat solid food so they vomit juices onto their meal to soften it up before sucking it back up.

What did that fly land on before it found your food?

What did that fly land on before it found your food?

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Fluoride and the Pied Piper

Why do they add fluoride to your city’s water? Better ask the Pied Piper for that answer… Fluoride added your water causes an aberration where calcium and phosphorus migrate into areas of the body that they would not normally be in. At particular risk are the pineal gland and the arteries. In fact, chemical fluoride causes brittle bones and has been proven to actually prevent the natural healing of cavities. More money for the dentist IMO… Primitive races like Aborigines have reproduced for centuries without the development of significant numbers of dental problems; that is until you add fluoride and modern diets into the equation. Did you know that dental cavities can actually heal through remineralization if you avoid the fluoride? The two minerals required for dental health are calcium and phosphorus properly distributed in the body. To use them effectively though, you need sunshine vitamin D (not the chemical D added to milk) and a healthy fatty diet full of fat-soluble vitamins. Oh, and avoid the chemical fluoride.

Leave it to man to always mess things up when he tries to fix them...

Leave it to man to always mess things up when he tries to fix them…

FURTHERMORE:  There is a synergistic effects between vaccine chemicals and fluoride where they can combine to form sometimes deadly complexes. Did you know that vaccines with the ingredient gelatin can also be contaminated with fluoride?

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Talk about neem

Let’s talk about neem oil: Neem leaves and oil are loaded with high level of carotenoid antioxidants that help skin heal and also protect the skin from environmental damage. Neem is rich in essential fatty acids and ripe with vitamins that are easily absorbed by the skin to rejuvenate and improves its elasticity. Using neem oil in a daily regimen helps ward off wrinkles and sagging skin and even the fine lines that are signs of aging. Neem, AKA Indian lilac and margosa, is awesome for treating chickenpox with its antiviral properties and other constituents that help dry out the blisters and provide major relief for the accompanying itching. The whole neem tree, leaves, bark, fruit, flowers and roots are with an azadirachtin compound that provides a triple-shot of anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-parasitic properties for treating almost any infection inside or out while also strengthening the immune system. Neem is safe to use and reasonable amounts of neem does not have any negative side effects.

Worth talking about

Worth talking about

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Causing cancer but keeping it a secret?

Ok people, if this doesn’t convince you that vaccines are NOT safe then nothing will – and you drank the Kool-aid. The FDA (Fatal Drugs Allowed) recently approved the manufacturing of vaccines from human cancer tumors. WHAT? WHY? #1 Producing vaccines with cells directly derived from human cancer tumors is faster and cheaper than breeding animals for the culture media. And #1 again – millions of dollars will be made by vaccine promoters. So what are the implications? #1 Millions of potentially cancer-causing vaccines will hit the market that could cause genetic mutations and cancer. And #1 again – the lives of millions of sheople could be jeopardized. No human testing, just animal testing for mere weeks and months… The vaccine proponents even admit that the cancer-factor might not show up for decades after a tumor produced vaccine is administered. Now here is the real kicker: Information about the vaccines’ manufacturing process will be hidden from everyone – doctors, nurses and victims! But what the hell, cancer will now strike one out of two people so let’s go ahead for a perfect one out of one. We are not getting healthier with our inordinate affair with medical science. Keep doing what you are doing and keep getting what you are getting.

Shocked? I'm not...

Shocked? I’m not…

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Swallowing aspirin swallowing lies

The front-line pain drug for arthritis pain is aspirin. But the one “side effect” of aspirin and other NSAIDs and even osteoarthritis drugs that you never hear about is that they actually inhibit natural cartilage repair in the body while accelerating the destruction of the remaining cartilage. This of course leads to heavier doses of drugs and brings faster destruction of the original problem which brings even more and heavier duty drugs which brings more destruction which… (get the picture?). Anyone else see the conundrum here? If you have joint problems I highly suggest avoiding conventional treatment at the onset of problems and start with a radical nutrition and lifestyle change. This is because a vast majority of chronic joint troubles are rooted in diet and lifestyle. Either change now or start saving up for the ever-popular joint replacement – which still only treats the symptoms and the cycle repeats in other joints. Want to accelerate cancer and other diseases? Keep swallowing the mainstream medical lies.

Lies and aspirin for arthritis treatment one and the same

Lies and aspirin for arthritis treatment one and the same

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Bad soy! Very bad.

People in Asian societies eat on average about 6-11 grams of soy a day – that is, 6-11 grams of non-GMO fermented soy according to a review in Nutrition and Cancer. Fermented soy eaten by Asians has been touted to lower cancer and dementia rates while promoting longevity. Meanwhile back in the good-ole USA, an overwhelming majority of soy that Americans eat is genetically modified, unfermented and stuffed into processed foods. Cancer-causing GMOs aside, unfermented soybeans actually contain anti-nutrients that cause serious gastric distress, reduced protein digestion and chronic deficiencies in amino acid uptake. Unfermented soy contains potent enzyme inhibitors that block trypsin and other enzymes needed to digest protein which cause among things, enlargement and cancer of the pancreas and the prostate. Bad enough yet? Unfermented soybeans also contain goitrogens that suppress thyroid function and hemoglutinen, a clot-promoting substance that causes red blood cells to clump together. These health-destroying products are neutralized in the fermentation process.

GMOs did that

GMOs did that

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Organic food rocks!

The best reason for farming organically is for our health because organic foods provide much more antioxidant power, natural polyphenol levels and nutritious flavonoid levels than conventionally grown food. What’s more, if we want to keep our planet healthy for future generations we have to stop with the pesticides and other strong chemicals used on our crops. Conventional farming is not about nutrition and doesn’t improve the environment. The argument in favor of conventional methods is all about the money with the idea that intensive farming that will produce loads more of food for less money. But conventional farming is very short-sighted because of the physical harm and human diseases caused by farming chemicals. Add to this the blatant and growing lack of nutrition in mass produced foods, and of course catastrophic damage to the environment. Did you know that numerous studies show that organic farming can actually produce more crop output than regular methods?
Did you know that we have known this fact for decades? Seems a wee bit silly, huh?

Now that's home-grown organic!

Now that’s home-grown organic!

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Hands only CPR

Every year, over 420,000 cardiac arrests occur outside of a hospital in the US – but often when a person collapses and has no pulse, bystanders are reluctant to assist for fear of doing something wrong. A pitiful 90% of out-of-hospital cardiac arrest victims die… When someone suffers a cardiac arrest, survival depends on immediately getting CPR from someone nearby and hands-only CPR performed on the scene can actually increase survival from a sudden cardiac arrest by up to three-fold. Why hands only chest compressions? Because if you stop pumping to give the victim a breath, critical blood flow and pressure to the brain lungs and other organs fails and can’t be regained with the same efficacy as with hands-only CPR. Besides, the pumping of the chest moves air in and out of the lungs enough to save lives without stopping to blow air. Two simple steps are required for hands-only CPR — first, call 9-1-1; and then push hard and fast in the center of the chest. But don’t rely on this advice to prepare you for such an emergency. Beat feet to your nearest CPR class. Get certified. I am.

The new CPR - hands only

The new CPR – hands only

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Flu vaccine de-ja-moo:

The flu vaccine supposedly “protects” against three or four strains of flu but this year’s virus has dodged the vaccines (again) and the CDC now says that the mutated strain, H3N2, is infecting most people. A 2014 study shows that a whopping 217 people must be vaccinated with Fluzone High Dose to “prevent” just one lousy case of normal flu. But 30% of people who take the flu shot have adverse reactions and most of those events are equal to or worse than getting the flu in the first place. So, this begs the question: Is Vaccination immunization? Can vaccination actually replace natural immunity? Doesn’t happen folks… The vaccination process artificially simulates and bypasses the natural immune system process, bringing with it a swath of adverse consequences – some immediately evident and some hidden for decades. Chemical detergents, anti-freeze, heavy metals, xenotrophic retroviruses, DNA from aborted fetuses and materials from other species are mixed together in vaccines and then tossed willy-nilly at the immune system. Vaccines override and bypass normal immune responses to activate killer cells which can trigger an overproduction of cytokines that damage tissues and organs and can even stop the heart and block air pathways – much like whacking a big beehive with a short stick… The vaccination paradigm is so dangerous that vaccine manufacturers are protected by and underwritten by the government instead of the private sector – which would swiftly go bankrupt paying out claims to the injured.

Madness, sheer madness peeps...

Madness, sheer madness peeps…

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Aluminum sucks!

Solid antiperspirants are made with a waxie emollient that are laced with an “active-ingredient” compound to give antiperspirants a magical sweat-blocking power over your sweat glands. Antiperspirants aren’t really magical though as almost all of them pack an aluminum-based compound that works as their super-power ingredient – AKA aluminum chloride, aluminum zirconium, tricholorohydrex glycine, aluminum chlorohydrate and aluminum hydroxybromide. These bad-boys operate by causing inflammation in your sweat glands until they simply swell shut. Not a good thing! Aluminum-based products are also neurotoxic and cancer causing and are used liberally in many other OTC and prescription medicines – such as certain pain-killers and anti-diarrhea medicines. Toxic aluminum can also be found in vaccines, toothpastes, nasal sprays, dental amalgam fillings, cigarette filters and pesticides. Make informed choices peeps!

Cancer and Alzheimer's suck too...

Cancer and Alzheimer’s suck too…

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The race for the cure?

It seems like I see an even dozen studies every week touting some new cancer breakthrough related to yet another wonder chemical concocted by Big Pharma. The real wonder is about how gullible we humans are. If 1% of these studies were truly bringing to light cancer-killing miracles then cancer would be wiped out already. But the public is bombarded with exciting news about cancer research every day – enough to keep them investing their money, lives and health in waiting upon a magic potion cure. Truth-be-told, cancer is not a disease but rather symptoms of things gone haywire in the body. The real news is that the human body already knows how to conquer cancer if we would only support its efforts and quit sabotaging our health with lifestyle and diet self-destruction. The only real cure for cancer answer lies within our own selves and not in a laboratory.

The real race is to see how money can be captured and how long we remain so gullible...

The real race is to see how money can be captured and how long we remain so gullible…

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