Vaccine and metal detoxing

Diaper rash? Smelly feet? Recent X-rays? You will need some bentonite clay.

Recent vaccination? Pack some clay on a vaccination site immediately to start absorbing the metals and other toxins.

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Helter skelter went the GMOs

The genetic engineering of corn to produce its own Bt toxin has brought about serious concerns for human health – even though the US government gives it a huge thumbs-up and a wink. We GMO’d our corn to fight earworms and bore worms and guess what? We still have an earworm and bore worm problem! In fact, predictions made some 20 years were that GMO corn would only produce a new breed of super-worms – which brings us to a recent study out of Clemson University that shows that GMO corn is having little impact on crop pests. As another unfortunate result, pretty much all corn crops are now contaminated at some level with genetic modification because of cross-pollination. Think your organic corn is safe to eat? If there is a GMO corn field anywhere within 20 or miles or so, the winds carry the GMO plant pollen willy-nilly to settle on other crops. Bottom line; GMOs were developed under the partial pretense of “feeding the nations”, but in reality, it is just one small part of a sadistic money-grubbing ploy by Big Agriculture companies like Monsanto to control the sale of seeds.

He eats what you feed him with no question. It's time you started questioning.

He eats what you feed him with no question. It’s time you started questioning.

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Stress causes cancer – which causes stress

Once you hear your doc say the “C” word, the body automatically goes into stress mode – whether you actually have that particular cancer or not. Did you know that a critical part of any good cancer battle plan is to r-e-l-a-x? Researchers recently studied cancer victims by asking them to practice relaxation methods. Within weeks their bodies began to change genetically for the better. That’s right! Genes that fight cancer, inflammation and even help prevent cancer began turning on – and the more relaxed they became, the higher the cancer-fighting benefits. This brings to mind two points: First, mainstream cancer treatments are going about things the wrong way by stressing the body further with tests, chemicals, radiation, doom, more tests and, of course, the ultimate financial trainwreck experienced by the fleecing of life savings. The other point is; did stress bring on your cancer in the first place? What I recommend for ALL people is to forget your worries for a while. What is the use of struggling to gain the world if you lose your life in the process? Meditate, pray, read, eat right, do yoga, hug a kitten, walk, travel, spend time hanging with people that matter to you – whatever you do, eliminate the stupid stress before it eliminates you.

Which came  first? The chicken or the egg? Stress or cancer?

Which came first? The chicken or the egg? Stress or cancer?

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Treat for high blood pressure before it happens?

Are you on meds for pre-hypertension? Uh, no benefits – all risk! Disease creep happens when a patient with risk factors for a condition or even just a mild case of a disease are treated and drugged with the same medications and treatments as patients with severe cases. Take the drugs and get the disease…

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50-50 Alzheimer’s chance by 80 trivia

Octogenarians now have a 50% chance of developing a severe loss of cognitive function according to the Alzheimer’s Research and Prevention Foundation. What’s worse than that is the number of Alzheimer’s cases in the U.S. is expected to triple in the next 40 years. Did you know that people over 55 who receive annual flu shots for 5 years in a row increase their risk of developing Alzheimer’s by a whopping 1,000%? Do the math before rolling up your sleeve.

That's 1 out of 2 slated for Alzheimer's...

That’s 1 out of 2 slated for Alzheimer’s…

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Astragalus cures

Speaking of unsung health heroes: Astragalus is a non-toxic, adaptogenic herb and plant extract that helps the body recover from and resist the damaging effects of stress while restoring the body’s normal physiological function.

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Castor oil – grandma’s cure-all

Castor oil – Grandma’s “kill or cure you” remedy. Castor oil is great for treating anything from yeast infections to constipation, gastrointestinal problems, parasites, menstrual disorders, migraines, acne, sunburn, athlete’s foot, ringworm, skin abrasions, inflammation and so much more! Did you know that castor oil has been used both internally and externally for thousands of years due to its many wonderful health benefits? With its awesome ability to strengthen the immune system, castor oil is considered a great remedy to treat multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, cerebral palsy, hair loss, arthritis pain, rheumatism and even AIDS. But it just seems a bit too simple for some people to accept the fact that it might actually work. Using castor oil packs can have a profound effect on almost any health problem and our money-driven health care system deems that positive results do not mean success or acceptance by the medical establishment. Bottom line, castor oil improves the function of the thymus gland, spleen, the lymph and other areas of the immune system. Fighting cancer? Don’t skimp on the castor oil.

If it doesn't kill you it just might cure you!

If it doesn’t kill you it just might cure you!

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America on drugs

Doctors are the third leading cause of death in the US. We have a severely misguided trust in the medical system. Are we getting healthier or are we getting sicker? We are definitely getting broker…

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Damaging the baby’s digestion with C-sections

Here is an interesting C-section fact: Fecal samples from infants are different between vaginal births and C-section births. The baby’s gut microbiome changes according to the way they are delivered and the C-section baby’s gut bacteria is significantly less similar to their mothers as compared to those that deliver vaginally. Why is this so important for the infant? Gut bacteria helps shape the nutrients and vitamins derived from both their food and breastmilk to benefit the growing baby to the max. This critical digestive process in the infant helps produce vital essential amino acids and plays a significant role in metabolism, immunity, and also child behavior. Of course, choosing to breastfeed also impacts the microbiome heavily – but still, C-section births can impact the infant negatively all the way through adulthood. Did you know that the US has one of the highest C-section rate in the world – crowding 1 out of 3 births into the medical procedure that cuts the baby out of the womb? Medical madness at its finest…

Childbirth is an event - not a procedure...

Childbirth is an event – not a procedure…

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Autism rates are not falling!

The 2014 numbers were 1 in 68 children have autism. Wonder what that number is this year? It’s not getting better and it will only get worse until the parents wake up to the facts.

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Why all the peanut allergies?

So, more and more you find peanut allergies in the news and the latest study finds a huge connection between peanuts and childhood asthma. In fact, scientists have recently declared that peanut sensitivity reactions mimic asthma attacks including shortness of breath, wheezing and coughing. As it turns out, many children who supposedly have asthma also have an allergic sensitivity to peanuts – and almost nobody knows it. Nearly 44% of over 1,500 children with asthma studied for peanut sensitivity had positive IgE antibodies that indicated reactivity to peanuts. Back to the question: why do we have all these peanut allergies and asthma/peanut connections? Uh, could it be that most nut allergies have blossomed since 1964 when Merck introduced peanut oil and other nut oils into vaccines to hopefully extend temporary vaccine immunity against childhood diseases? When oils are injected into the muscle via a vaccine, they are labelled offensive by the body and fought off by the immune system. This provides a sustained release of immune system antibodies against the offending oil – rendering the victim totally sensitive to the ingestion of the food version.

Something else that we have caused with our ignorance - peanut allergies.

Something else that we have caused with our ignorance – peanut allergies.

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Vaccines and encephalitis

Vaccines contain adjuvants: (substances that enhance the immune response to an antigen), such as mercury and aluminum compounds. Vaccines also contain biological organisms and foreign proteins (many of these proteins and organisms come from other species of animals in which the vaccines are grown), If an individual, and especially an infant or young child, is injected with vaccines, unprotected nerves are impacted and aberrations of neurological development occur which in turn influences subsequent behavior and learning patterns, autism and ADD/ADHD symptoms, encephalitis and Tourette’s Syndrome.

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Child aggressiveness and the video game

“I made $1million playing video games!” (Said no child ever…) There is no profit in children gaming. In fact, to the negative side of the ledger, children who spend over three hours a day playing video games are more likely to be involved in physical violence, be hyperactive, and lack serious interest in school – or so says the latest study experts that examined the effects of video games as related to the time spent playing them. The University of Oxford re-discovered (yet again) that the time children spend playing video and on-line games is definitely linked to behavior problems. The real story in this story is that there is absolutely NO significant factor in the types of games played. These scientists found no link between violent vs non-violent games and real-life aggression or a child’s academic performance when compared to the amount of time spent on games. In fact, strategy and puzzle games didn’t even bring higher grades to the children who played them vs non-playing peers yet the amount of time spent playing them proportionately vexed the child’s behavior.

Quantity matters over quality in this case.

Quantity matters over quality in this case.


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Gall bladder cleanse liver flush

This simple liver cleanse/gall bladder flush has safely saved thousands of gallbladders from surgical elimination. Don’t have your gallbladder any more? You still have gallstones in the liver waiting to come out.

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Don’t cry over this spilled milk

Dying for some milk trivia:  Did you know that a baby calf cannot survive on store-bought pasteurized milk? Regular ole store-bought milk also often contains antibiotics, growth hormones, anti-inflammatory drugs, lipid regulators, anticonvulsants, beta-blockers, ethinylestradiol, up to 20 different kinds of painkillers along with detectable amounts of herbicides, pesticides and dioxins.

Pasteurized milk does not the good...

Pasteurized milk does not the body good…


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Lost your sex drive men? Want it back?

Moobs (man boobs), sexual failure, diminished sexual desire, a soggy midsection are some of the more common symptoms of the male form of menopause brought on by a reduction in the body’s internal testosterone production and/or a rise in cortisol levels.

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Spending poe on L-arginine

L-arginine is a non-essential amino acid found in foods and used in the body to combat aging, strengthen connective tissues, build muscles, fight inflammation, enhance sex drive, tonify skin, and many other things. The latest finding is that arginine even helps breaks down cavity and gum disease-causing dental plaque. L-arginine effectively breaks down biofilms where bacteria thrive and is actually already used in many commercial dental products for tooth sensitivity. Well, how about this? Did you know that biofilms attribute to over 50% of all hospital infections? The closest thing to the effectiveness of natural arginine against biofilms that big pharma concocts is the side-effect ridden, cell-destroying, cancer-causing chemical treatment called chlorhexidine. FYI, L-arginine is found mostly in red meat, poultry, fish and dairy products but you can buy the supplement form for just a tiny bit of poe. Getting plenty of L-arginine may save your from a lot of future health trouble in general – and from spending more doubloons at the dentist’s office.

Dental plaque really isn't funny...

Dental plaque really isn’t funny…

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Do you squat or not?

While attempting elimination in the “Victorian” fashion, the person holds their breath and pushes down on the abdomen with the diaphragm thereby forcing fecal matter into the appendix. In a squat position for elimination, you don’t hold your breath or push downwards because the squat posture effortlessly accomplishes the necessary pressure for elimination. The colon was divinely designed to be emptied in a squat position, not sitting!

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There will be no miracle-cure cancer drug

Cancer is BIG BUSINESS for Big Pharma and over-priced cancer drugs get pushed through for FDA approvals with very poor trial methodology. A majority of these deadly concoctions have little effect on the longevity of patients but certainly drain the cash right out of the victims’ bank accounts. Did you know that of the 71 new drugs approved by the FDA between 2002 to 2014 for solid tumor treatment, they only brought a miserable average of just of two additional months of patient survival time? This is, of course, without any improvement in quality of life… The world is holding its breath and praying for the miracle cancer cure but it won’t come for two reasons: There is way too much money to be made without producing a cancer cure AND cancer is not a disease in the first place! You heard me. Not only is there no money in cures but cancer is merely symptoms of things gone wrong in the body. Science can’t cure cancer but the body sure can – if you remove the causes and support the body where it is needed. Bottom line, cancer is not caused by a lack of chemo/radiation and scientific interventions.

Live longer - live sicker...

Live longer – live sicker…

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Prostate Cancer. What are the options?

One of the most over-treated cancers out there is prostate cancer. After a radical prostatectomy, up to 90% of men experience erectile dysfunction and 20% have incontinence. With radiation treatments, erectile dysfunction happens slowly and occurs in 90% of men along with 64% incontinence rates. Cryosurgery brings 72% erectile dysfunction and 73% incontinence rates. What are the options? Read on my brother:

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