Making billions from prostate cancer

This week’s headlines read: Pfizer to Buy Medivation for $14 Billion! The drug manufacturer, Medivation, is the maker of still another questionable and health-wrecking prostate cancer drug. Why is Pfizer buying this company for $billions? Simple, because this company will make Pfizer even more billions. But where does all that ridiculous amount of money come from? Why, from the consumer of course! Here’s why: Pretty much one out of two people in America will be diagnosed with cancer sometime in their lifetime. It’s a genuine money train, a proverbial cash cow – a genuine means for fleecing the sheople……

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This aughta scare you!

This aughta scare you!

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Cheap candles hurt your health

I always avoid the cheap and highly superficial candle aisles in any Big Box store along with those Yankee Candle stores because the unnatural smells make my nose-smeller go out on overload. How can this be you ask? It is all chemicals! Fake baked cookies, counterfeit English rose or concocted white jasmine. They all overwhelm my poor schnozz. But here’s the bigger problem: what you don’t smell when you light off these evil Ninja assassins can definitely kill you. For one thing, fake candles emit endocrine-disrupting, cancer-causing phthalates that confuse your hormones and screw with your thyroid. Did you know that the chemical limonene (used for citrus scents) turns into formaldehyde when it blends with the air? Sniff that all day long for a while and tell us what kind of cancer you develop (NOT recommended…) In fact, pretty much ALL cheap candles, perfumes, air fresheners, and related junk contain a multiplicity of horrible chemicals that are completely unregulated for this type of use. And you won’t find limonene, phthalates, or other volatile compounds listed on the labels because, guess why, yep! There are no requirements to list chemicals in your crappy candles. Solution: Spend the megabucks and buy100% beeswax candles scented with essential oils instead. Yah, I know, good things aren’t cheap but cheap things aren’t good – especially where your health is concerned.

Your nose knows better!

Your nose knows better!

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Your child, your choice

America has the highest child vaccination rate in the world and yet there are 33 other countries with better infant survival rates. That’s right! The good old USA has the 34th worst infant survival rate in spite of its highest rate of vaccinations. America also ranks dead last compared to many countries on overall degenerative diseases (pun intended). We are being vaccinated to death – not health. Here are the facts: In1950 children received 3 vaccines before entering school. By 1983, they were hit with10 recommended vaccines by the age of 6. In 2010, we saw a whopping 68 vaccines for school age kids with over half of them given by the age of a year and a half. Now In 2016, the vaccine schedule has ballooned to 74 for school-age children. Meanwhile, autism, learning disabilities, autoimmune diseases, food allergies, chronic ailments, and child obesity rates have all risen exponentially. Think I’m wrong here? Keep doing what you are doing and you will keep getting what you are getting…

It's your child and it's your choice

It’s your child and it’s your choice

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Are you ready to bug-out?

Nuclear disaster? What’s in your emergency bug-out bag? A prepper must-have for medium to long-term survival after any cataclysmic disaster is lots of iodine. Remember what happened after Fukushima? Iodine was bought up within hours and was not available for months afterwards. Having a few bottles of Povidine Iodine around for topical wound treatment could be a critical life saver. How about some high-potency iodide drops for protecting your thyroid from radioactive fallout? Iodide drops are also handy for purifying water, cellular-level wound support, boosting the immune system and killing just about any pathogen topically. Cheap to make too! Buy a few small containers of scientific iodide (SSKI) for your personal survival hoard. Keep them sealed and dry until you need them. Activate the iodide by mixing SSKI crystals little-by-little into 2oz of water until the water won’t absorb any more crystals. At this point there will be a little undissolved SSKI in the bottom of the liquid. Pour the liquid into a dropper bottle. Each precious drop of liquid iodide will deliver around 50mg or so of potassium iodide. That’s a lot of iodide!

Never happen? I wouldn't bet my life on it.

Never happen? I wouldn’t bet my life on it.

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Big Pharma for Hillary

Big Pharma wants your money – not your health. They also want Hillary on the hill in 2016. According to Federal Election Commission, Big Pharmaceutical Companies donated a whopping $336,416 to Hillary Rodham Clinton and a pitiful $1,010 to Donald Trump in 2015. Did you know that the whole Big Pharma industry, including insurers, hospitals, and HMOs collectively donated $3.5 million to Clinton’s campaign in 2015? Now I’m not even going to suggest who you should vote for – but I will point out the elephant in the room: the candidate who collected the grand sum of $1,010 is also the one who proposes cutting the prices of medications by allowing competition into the market. The other candidate has a lot of special interests to protect. I’m not stumping for Trump but I am HIGHLY concerned about some things and I can certainly see how The Donald carries the angry vote.

Just ignore it and it'll go away... NOT!

Just ignore it and it’ll go away… NOT!

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Pesticides: Putting the H in ADHD

The chemical industry has cleverly played the use of pyrethroid pesticides as a safer residential alternative to other commercial pesticides. But, this is what you get with the latest and greatest “safe” chemical pesticide: A new study has documented the association between pyrethroid pesticide exposure and hyperactivity and impulsivity in children. Published in the journal Environmental Health, this study shows that pyrethroid puts the “H” in ADHD by causing dopamine dysregulation in the brain – and this neurochemical hyperactivity response is stronger in boys than in girls. The real alternatives for deterring household bugs are safe and natural remedies like boric acid, diatomaceous earth, cinnamon, and maybe a little more cleanliness in some cases. The problem is that most of these truly green solutions require both research and more effort on our parts while often working slower than the ultra-convenient kill-it-now-and-watch-it-die spray bottles.

Not what you want to find in your kitchen!

Not what you want to find in your kitchen!

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Would you take cyanide in your vitamins?

50% of Americans have a vitamin B12 deficiency and would benefit from a B12 boost – that is, if they take a form of B12 not made with cyanide. Yes, you heard me right – and most of the vitamin B12 on the market is made using cyanide. Easy to spot too! It will say cyanocobalamin on the label, which is the cheapo form of B12 that will make you ill – maybe sooner or maybe later. Take only the methylcobalamin form of B12.

Read more on cyanide in B12 here

Good things aren't always cheap and cheap things aren't always good.

Good things aren’t always cheap and cheap things aren’t always good.

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Colloidal silver fights it all!

Just how does colloidal silver work? Colloidal silver binds with the oxygen carriers in bacteria, causing bacteria to die very quickly from oxygen starvation. Viruses also succumb to colloidal silver in the same manner, making colloidal silver the weapon of choice – even against HIV, HPV and Ebola! In fact, colloidal silver works against infections anywhere in the body. Furthermore, colloidal silver is a cancer fighter because its composition enables it to target tumor cells also. Main stream medicine already knows all this and is striving to patent drugs that use colloidal silver as a carrier to fight drug-resistant bacteria, deadly viruses and cancer. It doesn’t take but just a little bit of the good stuff to go a long ways to do a lot of good. Always buy a quality colloidal silver and use it sparingly – not drinking a whole quart of it a day like some people did to give colloidal silver a bad “bluesy” rap.

Just don't even think about using massive amounts of the cheapo stuff. It might turn you blue!

Don’t even think about using massive amounts of the cheapo stuff. It might turn you blue!

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The Gardasil boomerang

Ladies, parents, you’ve been lied to, you’ve been sold a bill of goods – and you’ve been poisoned. The latest study shows that while the HPV vaccine Gardasil “protects” against four strains of HPV it simultaneously puts vaccinated women at a 21% increased risk for becoming infected with other high cancer risk HPV viruses – and consequently develop cervical cancer. In fact, women who have not had the Gardasil vaccine at all actually had 40% lower HPV infection rates along with corresponding lower cervical cancer risk than the unlucky dupes that rolled up their sleeves. So, what do the experts say about this latest debacle? That their hapless victims now need yet another vaccine to cover a few more of the known HPV virus types. Keep in mind that there are 80 known HPV strains and some of those have not been researched and could be just as nasty – or even worse- than the nine HPV strains that are now targeted by vaccination. Don’t believe me? Find and read the UT Galveston study abstract presented to latest meeting of the American Association for Cancer Research.

Yet another deadly shot in the dark...

Yet another deadly shot in the dark

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Afraid of the light?

Being a little child that is afraid of the dark is understandable. Being an adult that is afraid of the light isn’t. ~ C


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HFCS, a sure-fire recipe for disaster

High fructose corn syrup is a basic ingredient for many soft drinks and processed baked goods. Because of this, fructose now accounts for 10% of total caloric intake for Americans with teenage boys consuming even more – topping in with up to 23% of their caloric intake derived straight from fructose. Well, here is what the latest Scientific Reports says about fructose: “Fructose decreases physical activity and increases body fat…” (Because we didn’t already know that?). But wait, there’s more! High fructose corn syrup is specifically and exclusively processed by the liver, causing liver enlargement, inflammation and damage. Gee, if that is not enough to convince you that high fructose corn syrup is a really bad food choice, factor in the GMO corn used to make it in the first place. But wait, there’s even more! About half of all high fructose corn syrup is also contaminated with mercury. How can that be? Mercury, hydrochloric acid and caustic soda are used in varying degrees and processes to manufacture high fructose corn syrup. Sounds like a sure-fire recipe for health disaster to me.

Addictive too!

Addictive too!

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C-sections from hell

ADHD, Autism, mental issues? Did you know that about 75% of American kids with any of these problems were yanked out of the womb with a C-section? Furthermore, C-section babies have an increased risk for developing allergies, asthma, and diabetes. In 1965, four out of one hundred hospital births ended with a C-section. Today it is one out of three hospital births ending with a C-section… Why the correlation between C-sections and health and mental problems? Babies receive critical exposures in the birth canal to vaginal microbes that establish a healthier immune system and digestive tract flora – ultimately impacting the neurochemical make-up of the child as well. Also, the acute stress of vaginal childbirth brings a calming parasympathetic reaction and stress-relieving neurochemical response in the newborn. Of course, traumatizing and drugging mommy in the whole C-section process affects her natural hormones and breast milk quality, generating a huge disconnect from what God and nature intended for all concerned.

Who is to blame for all this?

Who is to blame for all this?

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Licorice root for BO

Licorice root – not the Walmart candy version – fights body odor! Licorice root contains a natural chemical compound known as trans-chalcone that fights body odor-causing bacteria while also stopping tooth-harming, gum disease bringing, halitosis-causing, plaque-building mouth bacteria. What else is licorice root good for you ask? Right after digestive aid and immune system booster, the Glycyrrhizic acid in licorice root helps with fatigue, nervousness, stress and depression by bolstering the adrenal glands. A short-list of other benefits include treating asthma, foot fungus, bursitis, influenza, persistent cough, dandruff, emphysema, heartburn, ulcers, gout, viral infections, fungal infections, liver ailments, Lyme disease, menopausal symptoms, psoriasis, shingles, sore throat and even tuberculosis. And these are just a few of the documented benefits! (Keep in mind that long-term consumption of licorice root could bring hypertension and hypokalemia in some people, so just be aware of that remote possibility). Natural licorice root can be found in sticks, pieces, powder, extracts, tea, capsule and organic candy form.

Need a new biofilm?

Need a new biofilm?

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In pursuit of female Viagra

‘Female Viagra‘? No such thing. There is a warmed up leftover reject of a failed antidepressant drug named flibabserin – reborn with the new name “Addyi”. But, the redubbed Addyi failed so badly as a female arousal drug in study trials that it only “improved” female sex desire by a measly 0.3 points on a 6-point scale when compared to a placebo. Furthermore, while a meager 10% of females actually reported any benefits at all, 15% of women had to quit the trial cold-turkey with nausea, dizziness, low blood pressure and other extreme side effects. Heck, this drug is even linked to causing cancer! So, how in hell’s damned creation did this ludicrous progeny of Satan make recent FDA muster? Uh, media frenzy and “public demand” spawned by a Big Pharma campaign of “women’s rights activists” (bought and paid for by the same benevolent company that makes the drug). If you can read this, then you can see that FDA must stand for Fraud, Deception and Amorality as the agency flippantly signs off on an evil drug that Falsely Dupes Americans into Fetish Driven Absurdity. It is high-time to tell the FDA to Forthwith Desist and Abdicate. Don’t EVEN git me started…

It's a deal with the devil!

It’s a deal with the devil!

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Putting the kibosh on anxiety disorders

Fermented foods help the old attitude and even put the kibosh on anxiety disorders. Researchers recently found that young adults eating more fermented foods have fewer social anxiety symptoms than others who didn’t. This tells me that instead of looking to the mind and trying to bend it with drugs, we can actually help people with mental health and anxiety issues by grooming the gut with good bacteria and prebiotic enzymes. Not only do fermented foods have a profound effect on anxiety, mood and depression, they improve digestion and nutrient absorption, prevent allergies, boost immunity, fight disease, build a stronger immune system and put a whammy on bad bacteria. This is just a few great reasons to put more fermented foods on your menu. Remember that it is always best to choose healthy fermented foods like; organic pickles without food colors; yogurt without artificial sugars and flavors; naturally fermented sauerkraut and organic pickled beets. “You are what you eat” is more than just a throw-away line.

Maybe he just needs a pickle and some kombucha!

Maybe he just needs a pickle and some kombucha!


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The inflammation collaboration

Inflammation plays a critical role in wound healing and helping to fight off infections. Just remember that normal inflammation is a sign of the body doing its job to bring antibodies and healing nutrients to an injury site. But! Chronic inflammation in the body is linked to increased tumor development and there is huge association between chronic inflammation and cancer. In fact; chronic inflammation increases both metastasis and faster tumor growth. Did you know that virtually every chronic disease known to man has connections with chronic inflammation? Dialing in at the number one cause of chronic inflammation is diet! Other causes of chronic inflammation are Big Pharma drugs (including vaccines), alcohol, chemicals, environmental pollutants, mold toxins, STRESS, and mineral deficiencies. If you want to whip cancer and chronic diseases, you will have find and remove the chronic inflammation roots to the problem. Don’t wait around on this one. No drug will cure your sorry diet. Or stress. Or heart disease. Or diabetes. Or any other chronic inflammation disease for that matter.

Everything has a cause and effect...

Everything has a cause and effect…

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Popeye didn’t know about dandelion!

Popeye didn’t know that wild dandelion leaves pack 8 times more antioxidants than conventional spinach and 40 times more antioxidants than wimpy iceberg lettuce. Health benefits from dandelion leaves include relief from liver disorders, diabetes, urinary disorders, acne, jaundice, cancer, anemia, while building bone and skin health and helping with weight loss.



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The cinnamon cure-all

Cinnamon is one of my favorite aromatic spices. Tastes good; smells good; is great for your health! Not only does cinnamon taken with a meal help fire up digestion and regulate blood sugar but recent research out of the University of Arizona finds that components in cinnamon are potent inhibitors of colorectal cancer. In fact, cinnamon extracted cinnamaldehyde – (the awesomesauce that jazzes cinnamon with its wonderful flavor and smell) – added to the diet protected mice against carcinogens and assisted in detoxification and cellular repair. What other wonders does cinnamon perform daily? Cinnamon can actually wipe out the worst E.coli while single-handedly inhibiting amyloids and fibrils found in Alzheimer`s Disease; all the while bringing improvements to cholesterol numbers. Heck, just smelling cinnamon makes you smarter and brings better memory function. The common cinnamomum cassia is what most research studies use, so don’t rush out and buy the most expensive variety thinking the pricier the better.

Taking two capsules with each meal can make a big difference in blood sugar and insulin levels for diabetics

Taking two capsules with each meal can make a big difference in blood sugar and insulin levels for diabetics

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A pain in the body

Pain is a warning signal – not a disease. Are you experiencing pain in your body? Here is an article on pain causes and solutions:

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A pain in the ovulation

Want to conceive? Are you having problems conceiving? NOW HEAR THIS: Naproxen, iclofenac, and etoricoxib are OTC pain-killers that are causing MAJOR ovulation problems in women. These recent study numbers tell it all: Women taking diclofenac (Cambia, Zipsor, Zorvolex) only ovulate 6.3% of the time! Women taking naproxen (Aleve, Naprosyn) fare somewhat better, coming in at a paltry 25% of ovulation. And zeroing in at 27% of ovulation are those taking Eetoricoxib. Uh, notice that those in the control group (who took NONE of these chemical OTC pain relievers) ovulated an amazing 100% of the time. The undeniable truth is that taking these Big Pharma chemicals to mask pain and inflammation symptoms brings a devastating effect on fertility. But wait, there’s more! Do you have ovarian cysts? A full 1-out-of-3 of these study participants who took these NSAIDS also developed functional cysts in just 10 days! Did you know that some 30 million people take this legal poison every day? Pharmakeia is what deceives the nations in the book of Revelations in the bible. Are we there yet?

Once again, we have outsmarted ourselves...

Once again, we have outsmarted ourselves…

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